App Layering

Change administrator passwords

The appliance has three accounts that you can use to manage its features and settings.

  • Management console “administrator” account - Lets you access the management console hosted on the appliance. There you can create and manage layers, and publish layered images. The default password is Unidesk1.
  • Appliance “administrator” account - Lets you access the appliance’s configuration utility where you can change the network settings, date, time, NTP server, and time zone. The default password is Unidesk1.
  • Appliance “root” user account - The appliance’s default Linux superuser account. The password for this account is required if you ever reset your other administrative accounts. The root user has access to all commands and files on the appliance’s Linux OS. The default password is v9Yx*6uj.

The administrator account for the management console is the most used. You can easily configure and use the App Layering service without ever accessing the other two accounts.


Keep the password for the root user in a safe place. If you need it to reset the passwords for the other two administrator accounts.

To secure your appliance, you must change the passwords for these accounts the first time that you access the management console after installation.

The first time you access the appliance after installation

When the appliance is installed and you log in for the first time, a tab is displayed where you must change the passwords for the administrator accounts that you use to manage the appliance.

  1. For each account, enter the new password and then reenter it in the Confirm Password field.
  2. On the Confirm and Complete tab, click Change Credentials.
  3. Safely store these passwords in case you need them.


    You must keep the root user password in a safe location. Without it you cannot reset your other administrator accounts.

To change the password for an administrative account

  1. Log into the management console.
  2. Go to System > Administrators > Default Administrator.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Enter and confirm the new password, and click Confirm and Complete.
Change administrator passwords