App Layering

Set up file share

The App Layering appliance must be connected to a file share. If you haven’t yet configured a file share, use these instructions.

You can add storage locations for users’ persistent data and settings. You can also add space to storage disks already in use. For more about managing storage, see the article about managing storage.

If you are using more than one appliance, each appliance needs to use a different file share, or a unique folder on the same share.


When setting up the appliance’s file share:

  • The file share must be configured using Server Message Block (SMB) technology.
  • The Service account that the App Layering appliance uses to connect to the file share must have full permissions for that file share.
  • Users require read-only access to the file share. If you plan to enable user layers on the images you publish, also set the file share permissions detailed in Configure security on user layer folders.
  • Ensure that you have the minimum storage space requirement of 40-100 GB for your file share. Note: Storage space is expandable. You can add space to a disk, or add other disks to the appliance.

Create the network file share

Configure a file share that uses the SMB protocol.

  • Follow the vendor’s instructions for setting up a file share using the SMB protocol.

Configure the App Layering appliance to access the file share

Once you have created a file share, configure the App Layering appliance to attach to it. You can configure the appliance via the App Layering management console.

  1. In the Management Console, select System > Network File Shares and click Edit.

  2. Specify an SMB file share path, User name, and Password for the file share.

  3. Click Confirm and Complete to see if you can connect to the file share. The File Share is saved if the connection succeeds, or displays an error if the connection fails.

Set up file share