App Layering services

Two services run on the App Layering appliance:

  • Management service
  • Layering service

Both services are displayed in the System module.

Management service

The App Layering appliance uses the Management service to communicate with the following servers, agents, and platform software:

  • Active Directory
  • Windows file servers
  • Network time servers
  • Unix file servers
  • DHCP server
  • App Layering agents
  • Your hypervisor and provisioning service

The firewall ports for each of the above components must be open. For details, see Firewall ports.

Layering service

The Layering service manages your layers and image templates. The appliance keeps a set of master layers on its local storage, and Elastic layers on the appliance’s File Share.

Note: Elastic layers are copies of App layers stored on the appliance’s File Share. Elastic layers are delivered upon user login, rather than as part of the layered image.

On the System module, the Layering service shows the amount of available space on each of your File Shares.

App Layering services