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MS Azure

May 30, 2018

Before installing App Layering in Azure, be sure you are ready with the following resources.

  • Azure account and subscription: To deploy and configure the App Layering appliance, you will need the credentials for an account that has administrative access to your Azure subscription. For more information, refer to the Microsoft Azure Sign in page.

  • Azure Resource Manager: App Layering is designed to work with Azure’s new Resource Management (ARM) model. It does not support Azure’s Classic deployment model. All resources such as virtual network, file shares and OS machines that App Layering will work with must be created with Azure Resource Manager. For more information, refer to the Azure Resource Manager overview page.

If your App Layering appliance is installed in Azure, and you are creating layers and publishing layered images in Azure, you do not need a Platform layer to do so. You do however, need a connector configuration for each location you plan to use for packaging layers and publishing images.

MS Azure

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