Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Manage API gateway

An API gateway acts as the single entry point for your APIs and ensures secure and reliable access to multiple APIs and microservices in your system.

An API Gateway communicates between the application and the back-end services. It helps you create, publish, maintain, and secure APIs. You can also manage the existing API definitions. The following image describes how an API gateway receives the client request and sends the response from the back-end services:

API gateway architecture

The following API gateway features help you control and monitor client traffic:

  • Authentication, authorization, and auditing
  • SSL Offloading
  • Rate limiting

In an API gateway, you can apply the following security policies:

  • WAF policy: Prevents security breaches, data loss, and possible unauthorized modifications to websites that access sensitive business or customer information.

  • Bot policy: Identifies bad bots and protect your appliance from advanced security attacks.

As an administrator, you can add and deploy API definitions to an API Gateway in Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM).

The API analytics provide you the visibility to your API performance metrics and threats to your APIs. For more information, see View API analytics.


The API gateway feature is supported on the Citrix ADC version or higher. To avail this feature in the ADM service, contact Citrix ADM sales team.

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Manage API gateway