Intelligent App Analytics

Intelligent App Analytics enables you to identify application performance issues using machine learning and rule-based algorithms. The Intelligent App Analytics feature of Citrix ADM:

  • Provides an easy and scalable solution for monitoring and troubleshooting applications that are delivered through Citrix ADC instances.

  • Monitors all levels of application to reduce the turnaround time for troubleshooting issues and improving the overall application uptime.

In a typical deployment, thousands of servers cater to the data needs of the users. The traffic sent to these servers is load balanced and monitored by virtual servers configured on Citrix ADC appliances. Each virtual server is bound to multiple services representing the backend servers. In such deployments, the Intelligent App Analytics feature helps you:

  • Monitor, manage, and make decisions during outages and other events

  • Monitor the virtual servers and services configured for an application

  • Display critical information about virtual servers and services, so that you can change the configurations as required to achieve optimum performance by the applications.

When you scale-up your organization server farm, it becomes difficult to track the problems associated with the huge amount of traffic received on the servers and narrow down to the required troubleshooting.

Earlier, when you double-clicked an application, you could view analytics for components such as Response Time, Average CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and so on. You can now view the following new indicators:

  • Server response time (uses machine learning algorithm)

  • Session Build-Up (uses rule-based algorithm)

  • Service Flaps (uses rule-based algorithm)

Intelligent App Analytics