Apply a new license to an existing pooled capacity setup

This topic describes how to apply a new license on Citrix ADM for an existing pooled capacity setup. Before you can apply to Citrix ADM, you need a license file. If a license file is already present on your local computer, you can upload it to the Citrix ADM license server. Alternatively, you can use the license access code emailed by Citrix to allocate licenses from the Citrix licensing portal.

Use the Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing Licenses GUI to manage and deploy all pooled capacity license files.

Check status of existing licenses and pools

You can check the licenses available on Citrix ADM by navigating to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing.

Licenses GUI

Scroll down to see license pools available in the License Expiry Information table with expiry dates.

License expiry info

To check available pools for different editions, navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing > Bandwidth licenses > Pooled Capacity

Available pools for different editions

Allocate a new license

If you do not have an already available license on your local computer, you can allocate the license using the Citrix-provided access code or download from the Citrix licensing portal using the host ID given in the GUI. For more information on downloading licenses from the Citrix licensing portal, see the support article Citrix Licensing.

Download license manually

Apply a new license

Follow these steps to apply a downloaded license file.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing, click Add License File.

  2. Click Browse, and upload the new license.
  3. Click Finish. You can add more licenses from the License Settings page at any time.
  4. After the license is added, the pooled capacity dashboard shows the new availability capacity.

New pool after applying license

Delete a license

To delete an existing license, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing.
  2. Select the license and click Delete to remove the license anytime.

Citrix ADM automatically checks out the requested license for ADC from the new pool available.

  1. For the selected ADC, to change bandwidth allocation, click Allocate to change the selected pool.
Apply a new license to an existing pooled capacity setup