Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Release Notes for Citrix ADM service Jan 17, 2022 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM service release Build Jan 17, 2022.


This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

What’s New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build Jan 17, 2022.

ADM support for BLX cluster

You can now add the BLX cluster in ADM. In the ADM GUI, the Cluster IP address (CLIP) is added and the count of the cluster nodes is now visible in the dashboard.


A unified dashboard to view instance key metric details

As an administrator, you can now visualize a dashboard that provides an overview of key metric details based on:

  • Applications
  • ADC Infrastructure
  • Application Security
  • Gateway

This single-pane dashboard enables you to view details for a better monitoring experience of the instance usage and performance. For more information, see A unified dashboard to view instance key metric details.


Security violation - JSON SQL Injection Grammar

In Security > Security Violations, under WAF, you can now view the JSON SQL Injection Grammar violation for the selected application. For more information, see Violation details.


Use the StyleBook’s reserved keywords for parameters and expressions

You can now use the reserved keywords when you define parameters and expressions in a StyleBook definition. The reserved keywords are as follows:

"and", "false", "in", "not", "true", "or"

For example, a parameter named not is now a valid parameter ($parameters.not).


StyleBooks support nested parameter-conditions

In a StyleBook definition, you can now specify a parameter condition within a parameter condition. These conditions are called nested parameter conditions and use a repeat construct to define these conditions. The nested parameter conditions are useful when you want to apply an action to each item of a list parameter.


    repeat: $parameters.lbvservers
    repeat-item: lbvserver
        target: $lbvserver.port
        action: set-allowed-values
        condition: $lbvserver.protocol == "HTTPS"
        value: $parameters.ssl-ports

In this example, when the user selects the HTTPS protocol for a load balancing virtual server, the port values are dynamically populated. And, it applies for each load balancing virtual servers in the list.

For more information, see Nested parameter conditions.


Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build Jan 17, 2022.


In a GSLB setup, when you have the same domain name for multiple ADC instances, the entity polling incorrectly updates the database.


Release Notes for Citrix ADM service Jan 17, 2022 Release