Manage Burst licensing in Citrix ADM pooled capacity

Burst licensing program provides an extra bandwidth or instance licenses to the pooled capacity. For virtual CPU subscription, it adds virtual CPU licenses. When your base subscription limit is reached, you can use readily available licenses without having to procure a brand new license. These burst licenses are charged based on your actual usage per month. The burst licensing program is available only for selected customers on a need basis.

When there is a temporary surge in the traffic you can use readily available burst licensing bandwidth. Thus, by using burst license, you can allocate license to an instance seamlessly even after the base limit is exhausted.

Citrix ADM displays the total limit that comprises both base and burst limit allocated to your pooled capacity. For example, if the subscribed bandwidth is 35 Gbps and the burst licensing bandwidth is 15 Gbps, the total limit on your subscription is 50 Gbps.

Burst licensing bandwidth allocation

You can view monthly and yearly summary to track your bandwidth usage of the pooled capacity.

View pooled capacity license usage

  1. Navigate to Networks > Licenses > Bandwidth Licenses.

  2. In Pooled Capacity, click License Usage.

  3. In License Usage, view the bandwidth usage.

In the Instance tab, to view the bandwidth usage for a period, select 1 Day, 1 Week, or Last Calendar Month from the list. If you want to view the usage for a specific period, select start and end date from the Custom option.

The following is an example that displays the bandwidth usage for an hour:

License bandwidth usage per hour for an instance

Select Monthly Summary to view the bandwidth usage for the selected month. Select Yearly Summary to view the bandwidth usage for the selected year.

A monthly summary of a license bandwidth usage in a graphical view

The Tabular View displays the consolidated license usage on your base and total Limit.

A monthly summary of a license bandwidth usage in a tabular view