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Update and configure Citrix License Server

The Citrix License Server is a critical component of the License Usage Insights (LUI) service. To use the LUI service, your Citrix License Servers must be updated to version or later.

About Citrix License Server

Citrix License Server and later contains key features that are important for Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners.

  • Optimized usage collection: License Server contains new functionality that optimizes licensing behavior and tracking to better support CSPs.
  • Call home: License Server includes Call Home features that automate product usage collection for CSP partners. These features are exclusive to CSP partners and will only be activated when a CSP license is detected on the license server.

Upgrade your Citrix License Servers to use the License Usage Insights service

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Download the latest license server.
  2. Upgrade your current license server.
  3. Repeat the upgrade process for each of your license servers.
  4. Start using the LUI service.

Anonymize usernames through the license server

By default, usernames associated with Virtual Apps and Desktops license checkouts are securely phoned home to Citrix.

Usernames are phoned home so CSP partners can take full advantage of LUI features and the CSP licensing program which supports free users for trial, test, and administrative product use.

User information is limited to a single user@domain entry; no additional personal identifiable data is phoned home. Citrix does not share this information.

For partners sensitive to uploading username information, username anonymization can be enabled. When active, username anonymization will convert readable usernames into unique strings using a secure and irreversible algorithm prior to upload.

The LUI service will use these unique identifiers to track product usage instead of the actual usernames. This approach allows service providers to take advantage of month-to-month insights without visibility into the actual usernames in the cloud service user interface.

To configure username anonymization

  1. On the license server, open the configuration file in a text editor. Typically, the configuration file is located at C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\WebServicesForLicensing\SimpleLicenseServiceConfig.xml.
  2. In the Configurations section, add the UsageBasedBillingScramble setting as follows:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  3. Save the file.

License server information included in uploads

When CSP home is activated on a Citrix License Server, it uploads the following information daily:

  • Information about the license server: License server version
  • Information about licenses on the license server:
    • License files installed on the server
    • License file expiration dates
    • Product feature and edition entitlement information
    • License quantities
  • Information about license usage:
    • Licenses used in the current calendar month
    • Usernames associated with license checkout
    • Product features and editions activated

View a license server upload

CSP partners can inspect the last uploaded payload on their license server to fully understand all of the details that the license server sends to Citrix. A copy of this payload is stored as a .zip file on the license server. By default, this location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS\resource\usage\


Successful uploads are deleted except for the last one. Unsuccessful uploads linger on the disk until a successful upload occurs. When that happens, all but the last upload are deleted.

Update and configure Citrix License Server