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Citrix Files for Windows


Citrix Files for Windows allows you to access your files directly through a mapped drive, providing a native Windows Explorer experience. Files are downloaded only when accessed, and temporarily stored on your computer. Changes made to the files are automatically saved back to the cloud. You can access more functionality through the Windows right-click context menu and perform operations such as sharing or requesting of files.

Download Citrix Files for Windows here.

What’s new

What’s new in 4.4

Improvement to offline access (preview)

Improvements have been made throughout to Citrix Files for Window’s offline access, including managing Offline Sync.

manage sync UI

For more information on offline access features, see Knowledge Center article CTX237762.

What’s new in 4.3

Offline access (preview)

Offline access allows you to access folders and files you designate as Offline when you are not connected to the internet. You can make changes locally and when you reconnect to the internet, the changes are reflected in your Citrix Content Collaboration account. If a different user uploads new content to a folder that you have designated for Offline on your device, the content is automatically marked as Offline on your device.

Offline access is configured at the file or folder level and for each device. If you configure a file or folder as offline on one device, the same file or folder is not offline on another device.

For more information on offline access, see Knowledge Center article CTX237762.

Workspace single sign-on to network shares and SharePoint connectors

You can use your Citrix Workspace account to use single sign-on to log on to network shares and SharePoint connectors. For more info, see Authentication to network share and SharePoint connectors.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 4.4

  • Citrix Files might consume high memory. [SFWIN-1502]
  • When saving a file to Citrix Files, high latency might occur. [SFWIN-1556]
  • Users might see outdated versions of files. [SFWIN-1570]
  • Citrix Files might perform slowly. [SFWIN-1642]
  • Citrix Files might not save .dwg files from AutoCAD. [SFWIN-1669]
  • Jupyter Notebooks keep adding new checkpoint folders into Citrix Files. [SFWIN-1676]
  • Windows Explorer might freeze when opening a folder. [SFWIN-1707]
  • When editing files with Blue Beam, zero-byte files might get uploaded. [SFWIN-1758]
  • Moving folders from Citrix Files to the local machine might not transfer files inside the folder. [SFWIN-1782]

Fixed issues in 4.3

  • Project files might become corrupt when opened. [SFWIN-1437]
  • When storing app data using Fslogix, Citrix Files might not work. [SFWIN-1460]
  • When renaming a file before it is fully uploaded to the server, two files might be created locally. [SFWIN-1468]
  • When using SAML single sign-on in a VDA, automatic logon might not work. [SFWIN-1507]
  • PDF files might become corrupt when opening or editing. [SFWIN-1509]
  • File and folders might be mismatched between Citrix Files remotely and locally. [SFWIN-1524]
  • When saving a file to the Citrix Files drive, the drive might write slowly. [SFWIN-1556]
  • When right-clicking a file, the context menu might not appear. [SFWIN-1559]
  • The Last Modified Date on files might not be consistent. [SFWIN-1670]

Known issues

Known issues in 4.4

  • Citrix Files for Windows fails to mount on Windows 10. A recent Windows update in version 1809 introduced issues with drive mounting. For more information and workarounds on mapped drives and Windows 10 1809, see this link.
  • Renaming a file or folder to the same name with different case does not work. [SFWIN-1532]

Known issues in 4.3

No new issues have been observed in this release.

System requirements

OS requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later

VDA requirements

  • XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR, XenApp and XenDesktop 7.18, or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1808 or later

Other requirements

  • Local administrator rights are needed to install the app.

Citrix Files for Windows