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Not all features available under a Citrix Content Collaboration license are available in Workspace. Click here for the list.

Deploy and enable Citrix Content Collaboration in Workspace

To deploy and enable Citrix Content Collaboration in Workspace, complete the following steps:

  1. Fulfill the Citrix Workspace requirements here.
  2. Link the Citrix Content Collaboration account to Citrix Cloud as described here.
  3. Under Workspace Configuration - Service Integrations, enable Citrix Content Collaboration.
  4. Choose which account, if you have more than one, you want to use for Files within Workspace.
  5. Select Enable.

Users are now able to log on to their Workspace and see a Files tab.


In order for users to see the Files tab, their Employee user email address in Citrix Content Collaboration must match their email address in the company user store (Active Directory or Azure Active Directory). This can be done by either manually creating the employee user or by using the User Management Tool.


After you enabled a Citrix Content Collaboration account within Workspace, you might go back to Workspace Configuration - Service Integrations and decide to enable a different account. If you do, be aware the change affects the files and data a user sees in their Workspace.


If Citrix Content Collaboration is the only service enabled in your Workspace and depending on which features you are looking for, you can instead go directly to your account using https://[subdomain]


Disable Citrix Content Collaboration in Workspace

In the event you need to disable Citrix Content Collaboration in Workspace, please perform the following steps:

  1. Under Workspace Configuration > Service Integrations > Citrix Content Collaboration, select the ellipsis.
  2. Click Disable.

After Citrix Content Collaboration is disabled, all users are expected to access Citrix Content Collaboration via and all new shares will use the domain.


It can take up to 30 minutes for disablement to fully deploy.


Content Collaboration features not supported in Workspace

Once Citrix Content Collaboration is enabled in Workspace Configuration, all Share and Request links will be from “,” and notification emails will follow branding from Workspace Configuration.

Client users are not currently able to authenticate or utilize Workspace. Due to this current limitation, external sharing is not supported.

Not all features available under a Citrix Content Collaboration license are available in Workspace. Here is a list of those features:

Features/settings that are not currently supported

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops anonymous apps are not supported when Citrix Content Collaboration (Files) is enabled in a Workspace
  • On-premise connectors (CIFS, SharePoint) are supported only in the Citrix Files app and in Citrix Workspace app for Web. Connector credentials may expire between browser sessions.
  • Encrypted email
  • ShareFile virtual data room and features that are limited to ShareFile virtual data room accounts such as Folder Q&A
  • ShareFile-specific two-step verification
  • Folder Invites
  • Folder Activity Logs
  • Custom SMTP
  • File Drops
  • View Only Sharing

Features/settings that currently require a workaround

  • The following applications are not supported with Workspace authentication (a workaround is to enable and configure SAML on your Citrix Content Collaboration account):
    • ShareFile for Gmail
    • ShareFile for Outlook Online / Mac
    • Drive Mapper
    • Desktop App for Windows / Mac
    • Sync for Windows / Mac
    • Medical Imaging Uploader
    • Scan to ShareFile
    • Print to ShareFile
    • FTP (only supports ShareFile credentials)
    • WebDav (only supports ShareFile credentials)
  • Third party integrations that use ShareFile web login flow, commonly seen as WebPop (a workaround is to enable and configure SAML on your Citrix Content Collaboration account).
  • The User Management Tool and StorageZone Controller require the administrator to log in by using ShareFile credentials. The recommended option is to create an employee user service account within the Citrix Content Collaboration tile on the Citrix Cloud Launchpad. When you create the employee user service account, ensure you set a ShareFile password, give it the user the appropriate administration permissions, and deselect the check box to allow the user to change their password.
  • The following Workflows are available on the web only:
    • Request List
    • Feedback & Approval - you can start this workflow from the Citrix Files for Windows, Mac, and Outlook apps.
    • Custom Workflows

Feature/settings that are now configured in Citrix Cloud instead of ShareFile

  • Existing ShareFile branding - instead, Workspace custom branding is available in Workspace Configuration.
  • Secondary ShareFile subdomains - instead, you can customize a single Workspace URL in Workspace Configuration.
  • SAML authentication is not supported as a way to log into Workspace.
    • Workspace authentication supports either AD or AAD.