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Release Notes

The Citrix Gateway service release to cloud release notes describe the new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues available in a service release. The release notes includes one or more of the following sections:

What’s new: The new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Fixed issues: The issues that are fixed in the current release.

Known issues: The issues that exist in the current release and their workarounds, wherever applicable.

Release notes for V2019.03.01 version of Citrix Gateway service release to cloud

What’s new

  • “Detect” button is added in the “Add a Gateway Connector” page. The Detect button is used to refresh the list of connectors, allowing the newly added connector to reflect in the Web app connectivity section.


  • A new category “Malicious and Dangerous” is added in the “Access Control Web Filtering” categories. A new category named Malicious and Dangerous in the Access Control Web Filtering categories is added under the Malware and Spam group.


Fixed issues

  • In some cases, Gateway Connector crashes when multiple threads access the same resource.


  • In some cases, delete operation using an administrator credentials for a Web or SaaS application that does not have subscribed users or groups fails.


  • Configurations for Citrix Gateway Connector are lost upon editing Form based SSO parameters.


  • Add another app option does not work when you access the option navigating as follows, Edit app>Overview>Add another app.


  • A newly added connector takes too long to show up in the UI.


  • Outbound connections from a connector fail when the connector uses the external FQDN value for the connection via an outbound proxy.

    [NGSWS-6451, NGSWS-6431]

  • In some cases, app enumeration fails for a customer when the value of the CC-Customer-Id field has letters in lower case and in upper case.


  • Upon launching an application in a Secure Browser session, the display message incorrectly shows “Connecting to [application id]” instead of “Connecting to “[application name]”.


  • Athena tokens which exceed 64k bytes in size upon decompressing is not supported.