Apps configuration using a template

SaaS apps configuration with single sign-on on Citrix Gateway service is simplified by provisioning a template drop-down menu for popular SaaS apps. The SaaS app to be configured can be selected from the drop-down menu.

The template pre-fills much of the information required for configuring applications. However, the information specific to the customer must still be provided.

Note: The following section has the steps to be performed on Citrix Gateway service for configuring and publishing an app using template. The configuration steps to be performed on the app server is presented in the subsequent section.

Configuring and publishing apps using template - Citrix Gateway service specific configuration

The following configuration takes the Aha app as an example to configure and publish an app using template.

  1. On the Citrix Gateway service tile, click Manage.

    localized image

  2. Click Add a Web/SaaS app tab below the Single Sign On tile.

    localized image

  3. Select the app you want to configure using the Choose a Template drop-down and click Next.

    localized image

  4. Enter the following details in the App Details section and click Save.

    Name – Name of the application.

    URL –URL with your customer ID. If SSO fails or when Don’t use SSO option is selected, the user is redirected to this URL.

    Icon – Click Change to change the app icon. The icon file size must be 128x128 pixels. If you do not change the icon, the default icon is displayed.

    localized image

  5. In the Enhanced Security section, select Enable enhanced security to choose the security options you would like to apply to the application and click Next. The following enhanced security options can be enabled for the application.

    • Restrict clipboard access: Disables cut/copy/paste operations between the app and system clipboard
    • Restrict printing: Disables ability to print from within the Citrix Workspace app browser
    • Restrict navigation: Disables the next/back app browser buttons
    • Restrict downloads: Disables the user’s ability to download from within the app
    • Display watermark: Displays a watermark on the user’s screen displaying username and IP address of the user’s machine

    localized image

    Select Enforce policy on mobile device to enable the aforementioned ehanced security options on your mobile device.

    Note: When Enforce Policy on Mobile Device is selected along with Enable enhanced security, the user experience for the application access is negatively impacted for the desktop users and the mobile users.

  6. Enter the following SAML configuration details in the Single Sign On section and click Save.

    Assertion URL – SaaS app SAML assertion URL.

    Audience – Service provider for whom the assertion is intended

    Name ID Format – Format type of user

    Name ID – Name of the format type of user

    localized image

    Note: When Don’t use SSO option is selected, the user is redirected to the URL configured under App Details section.

  7. Download the metadata file by clicking the link under SAML Metadata. Use the downloaded metadata file to configure SSO on the SaaS apps server.

    localized image

  8. Click Finish.

    localized image

  9. The following screen appears indicating that the app has been added to the Library.

    localized image

Configuring and publishing apps using template - App server specific configuration

Following are the links for pdf that has guidance on app server specific configuration for configuring and publishing popular SaaS apps using template. The following list is incremental and is not exhaustive.

  • 15Five - Continuous performance management tool to coach employees.

  • 10000ft - Project management tool to plan for growth.

  • 4me - Service management tool for collaboration between internal, external, and outsourced teams.

  • Absorb - Learning management tool.

  • Accompa - Requirements management tool to build products.

  • Adobe Captivate Prime - Learning management system to deliver personalized learning experiences across devices.

  • Aha - Product roadmap and marketing planning tool to build products and launch campaigns.

  • Alertops - Collaboration incidence response tool to manage IT incidents.

  • Allocadia - Marketing performance management tool to manage an organization’s marketing planning process.`

  • Anaplan - Planning tool to help organizations with decision making by connecting data, people, and plans.

  • Andfrankly - Engagement tool to drive change in the workplace.

  • AppFollow - Product management tool for accelerating global app growth and increasing customer loyalty.

  • Assembla - Version control and source code management tool for software development.

  • Automox - Patch management tool to track, control, and manage the patching process.

  • Azendoo - Collaboration tool for teams to converse and collaborate.

  • BambooHR - Human resources management tool to manage employee data.

  • Bananatag - Tool to track and schedule emails, track files and create email templates

  • Base CRM - Sales management tool to manage emails, phone calls, and notes.

  • Beekeeper - Tool to integrate multiple operational systems and communication channels in one secure hub that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

  • BitaBIZ - Absence and vacation planning and communication tool for leave and absence management.

  • BlazeMeter - Testing suite.

  • Blissbook - Policy management tool to create employee handbooks.

  • Bluejeans - Video conferencing solution.

  • Bold360 - Live chat tool for customer engagement.

  • Bonusly - Employee recognition and reward management tool to recognize team contributions.

  • Box - Content management and file sharing tool to manage, share and access your content.

  • Branch - A mobile linking platform powering deep links and mobile.

  • Brandfolder - Digital asset management tool to store and share digital assets.

  • Buddy Punch - Time management tool to monitor employee attendance.

  • Bugsnag - Monitoring tool to manage application stability and report errors and diagnostic data.

  • Buildkite - Infrastructure tool for continuous integration software development.

  • Bullseye Locations - Store locator tool to locate a store or dealer on a device.

  • CA Flowdock - Collaboration tool for teams to converse and collaborate.

  • CakeHR - Human resources management tool for attendance and performance management.

  • Cardboard - Collaborative product planning tool to track disorganized information.

  • Citrix Cedexis - Traffic management tool for large websites to leverage multivendor sourcing of data centers, cloud providers, and content delivery networks.

  • Celoxis - Project management tool to create project plans, automate work and collaborate.

  • CircleHD - Training, learning, and collaboration tool to share videos and slides within the organization.

  • Circonus - Data analytics and monitoring tool to deliver alerts, graphs, dashboards and machine-learning intelligence.

  • Cisco Umbrella - Cloud security platform to provide the first line of defense against threats on the internet.

  • ClearSlide - Sales engagement tool to let users share content and sales material for customer interaction.

  • Cloudability - Cloud cost management platform to improve visibility, optimization, governance across cloud environments.

  • CloudAMQP - Message queue tool to pass messages between processes and other systems.

  • CloudCheckr - Cost management, security, reporting and analytics tool to help users optimize their AWS and Azure deployments.

  • CloudMonix - Tool for cloud and on-premises resources monitoring and automation.

  • CloudPassage - Visibility and continuous monitoring tool to reduce cyber risk and maintain compliance.

  • CloudRanger - Tool to streamline your backups, disaster recovery and server control for AWS Cloud.

  • Clubhouse - Project management tool for software development.

  • Coggle - Mind mapping web application to create hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.

  • Comm100 - Customer service software and communication tool for customer service professionals.

  • Confluence - Content collaboration tool to help teams collaborate and share knowledge.

  • ConceptShare - Proofing tool to deliver content faster, quicker, and cheaper.

  • Concur - Travel and expense management tool to manage expenses on the go.

  • ConnectWise Control - Business management tool to provide remote support and access.

  • Contactzilla - Contact management tool to access up to date contact information.

  • ContractSafe - Contract management tool to track, store, and manage contracts.

  • Convo - Team communication and collaboration tool for internal conversations.

  • Copper - CRM tool.

  • Cronitor - Monitoring tool for cron jobs.

  • Dashlane - Password management tool that also manages digital wallets.

  • Declaree - Travel and expense management tool for business travel.

  • Dell Boomi - Integration tool to connect cloud and on-premises applications and data.

  • DeskPro - Help desk tool to facilitate ticket management, customer self-help, and customer feedback.

  • Deputy - Workforce management tool for scheduling and tracking employees’ time, tasks, and communication.

  • DigiCert - Certificate management and troubleshooting tool for SSL certificates for websites.

  • dmarcian - Email monitoring tool to filter spam, malware, and phishing.

  • Docusign - Online signature tool for different documents, such as insurance, medical, and real estate.

  • DOME9 ARC - Security and compliance tool to manage public cloud environments.

  • Dropbox - Cloud storage tool for secure file sharing and storage.

  • Duo - Security tool to provide secure access to your applications.

  • Easy Projects - Project Management tool.

  • Edapp - Learning management tool for workspace learning.

  • EduBrite - Learning management tool to create, deliver, and track training programs.

  • Ekarda - Electronic card designing tool.

  • Envoy - Visitor management tool to manage people and packages.

  • Expensify - Expense management tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel.
  • ezeep - Print infrastructure management tool to print from any device, any location to any printer in the Cloud.

  • EZOfficeInventory - Inventory management tool to track all your assets and equipments.

  • EZRentOut - Equipment rental tool to track equipment quality and availability.

  • Fastly - Edge cloud platform to serve and secure applications closer to the users.

  • Favro - Planning and collaboration tool for organizational flow.

  • Federated Directory - Cross-company contact directory tool to search through the corporate address books of different companies.

  • Feeder

  • Feedly - News aggregation tool to compile news feeds from different sources.

  • Fivetran - Tool to help analysts replicate data into a cloud warehouse.

  • Flatter Files - Digital flat file cabinet for drawings and documents to provide a secure and simple way for providing access to content.

  • Float - Resource planning tool for project scheduling and managing the teams’ utilization.

  • Flock - Collaboration tool.

  • Formstack - Online form builder and data collection tool.

  • FOSSA - Automated open source license scanning and vulnerability management tools built natively into CI/CD.

  • Freshdesk - Customer support tool to help support the needs of customers.

  • Freshservice - IT help desk tool to simplify IT operations.

  • FrontApp - Collaboration tool to manage all conversations in one place.

  • Fulcrum - Mobile data collection platform that allows you to easily build mobile forms and collect data.

  • G-Suite - Set of intelligent apps to connect the people in your company.

  • GetGuru - Revenue empowerment network to empower your revenue teams.

  • GitBook - Tool to create and maintain your documentation.

  • GitHub - Web-based hosting service for version control using Git for repositories hosted behind a corporate firewall.

  • GlassFrog - Software to Holacracy practice.

  • GotoMeeting - Online meeting software with HD Video Conferencing capabilities.

  • HackerRank - Provides competitive programming challenges for consumers and businesses.

  • Happyfox - Online help desk software and web based support ticket system.

  • Helpjuice - Knowledge management solution to create and maintain knowledge bases.

  • Help Scout - Customer service software and knowledge base tool for customer service professionals.

  • Hellosign - Esigning interface to enable signing from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

  • Helpdocs - knowledge base software to guide your users when they are stuck.

  • Honeybadger - Exception, uptime, and check-in monitoring system in a single platform.

  • Harness - Tool for continuous delivery and integration for Java, .NET apps in AWS, GCP, Azure, and Bare Metal.

  • HelpDocs - Tool to create an authoritative knowledge base to guide your users when they’re stuck.

  • Helpmonks - A collaborative email platform for team collaboration.

  • Hoshinplan - Tool to visualize your strategic plans and track statuses in one canvas.

  • Hosted Graphite - Tool to monitor your website, app, server, and container performance.

  • Humanity - Online employee scheduling software to manages shifts, schedules, payroll, and time clocking.

  • Igloo - Digital workplace and intranet solution provider to solve IT challenges across your organization.

  • Illumio - Security system to prevent spread of breaches inside data center and cloud environments.

  • Image Relay - Digital asset management and brand management software to securely organize and share digital files.

  • Informatica - Tool for SaaS apps integration and a platform for developing and deploying custom integration services.

  • Intelligentcontract - Contract management software.

  • iMeet Central - Project management software for marketers, creative agencies, and enterprise businesses.

  • InteractGo - Tool to measure real-time and historical data on system performance.

  • iQualify One - Learning and management tool to delivers authentic learning experiences.

  • InsideView - Data and intelligence solutions to solve sales, marketing, and other business challenges.

  • Insightly - Cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and project management tools for small and medium size businesses.

  • ITGlue - Cloud-based IT documentation platform to help MSPs standardize documentation, create knowledge bases, manage passwords. and track devices.
  • Jitbit - Help desk software and ticketing system to manage and track incoming support request emails as well as their associated tickets.

  • Kanbanize - Online portfolio Kanban software for lean management.

  • Klipfolio - Online dashboard platform for building powerful real-time business dashboards for your team or your clients.

  • Jira - Tool to plan, track, and manage your issues and projects.

  • Kanban Tool - Visual management software to improve your team performance and boost productivity.

  • Keeper Security - Password manager and security software to protect your passwords and private information.

  • Kentik - Tool to leverage big data for network and performance monitoring, DDoS protection, and real-time ad-hoc network flow analytics.

  • Kissflow - Workflow tool and business process workflow management software to automate your workflow process.

  • KnowBe4 - Tool to provide security awareness training and simulated phishing.

  • KnowledgeOwl - Knowledge base and authoring tool.

  • Kudos - Retail, job, project and fulfilment process systems.

  • LaunchDarkly - Feature management platform to enable dev and ops teams to control the feature lifecycle.

  • Lifesize - Video conferencing solution.

  • Litmos - Learning management system for employee training, customer training, compliance training, and partner training.

  • LiquidPlanner - Online project management software for your business.

  • LeanKit - Lean-based, enterprise process and work management software to help enterprises visualize work, optimize processes, and deliver faster.

  • LiveChat - Live chat and help desk software for businesses.

  • LogDNA - Tool to collect, monitor, parse, and analyze logs from all sources in one centralized logging tool.

  • Mango - Team collaboration software to consolidate and streamline siloed applications into one single platform.

  • Manuscript - A writing tool to help you plan, edit, and share your work.

  • Marketo - Automation software to help marketing teams master the art and science of digital marketing.

  • Meisterplan - Software that helps organizations create project portfolios.

  • Mingle - Agile project management and collaboration tool to provide a combined workplace for the entire team.

  • MojoHelpdesk - Helpdesk software and ticketing system.

  • Monday - Team management software to plan, track, and collaborate all your work in one tool.

  • Mixpanel - System to track user interactions with web and mobile.

  • MuleSoft - Integration software to connect SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise.

  • MyWebTimesheets - Online time tracking system to track time spent on various projects/jobs/activities.

  • New Edge - Secure application networking service for Hybrid IT.

  • NextTravel - Corporate travel management software tool.

  • N2F - Expense report management tool to manage your business and travel expenses.

  • New Relic - Digital intelligence platform to measure and monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure.

  • Nmbrs - Cloud HR and payroll software for businesses.

  • Nuclino - Collaboration software to collaborate and share information in real-time.

  • Office365- Microsoft’s cloud-based subscription service.

  • OneDesk - Project management and helpdesk software to connect with and support your customers.

  • OpsGenie - Incident management platform for DevOps and IT Ops teams to streamline alerts and incident resolution processes.

  • Orginio - Online organizational chart creation tool to visualize the organizational structure.

  • Oomnitza - IT Asset Management platform solution to track and manage assets.

  • Oracle ERP Cloud - Cloud-based software application suite to manages enterprise functions.

  • Pacific Timesheet - Web-based timesheet tool for payroll, project hours, and expenses.

  • Pagerduty - Digital operations management system.

  • Panopta - Infrastructure monitoring tool.

  • Panorama9 - Cloud-based IT management platform for enterprise network monitoring.

  • ParkMyCloud - Single-purpose SaaS tool to connects to AWS, Azure Services, or GCP.

  • Peakon - Tool to measure and improve employee engagement.

  • People HR - HR software system for all key HR functions.

  • Pingboard - Tool to build organization charts for organizing teams and workforce planning.

  • Pigeonhole Live - Interactive Q&A platform.

  • Pipedrive - Sales CRM and pipeline management software.

  • PlanMyLeave - Leave management system for managing and tracking employee’s leave of absence.

  • PlayVox - Customer service quality monitoring tool.

  • Podbean - Podcast service provider.

  • Podio - Web-based tool to organize team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces.

  • POPin - Crowd-solving platform and mobile app that operationalizes team engagement for problem-solving

  • Postman - API development environment.

  • Prescreen - Applicant tracking tool to publish job vacancies online and offline.

  • ProductBoard - Product management tool.

  • ProdPad - Product management software to develop product strategies.

  • - Application prototyping platform to create fully-interactive, high-fidelity prototypes.

  • Proxyclick - Cloud-based visitor management solution to manage visitors, build their brand image, and ensure the security.

  • PurelyHR - Leave management tool for accessing employee leave data.

  • Promapp - Business process management (BPM) tool.

  • Prescreen - Cloud-based applicant tracking system to publish job vacancies online and offline.

  • QAComplete - Software test management tool.

  • Qualaroo - Feedback tool to gain insights from customers.

  • Quality Built, LLC - Insurance, financial, and construction industry for providing reliable and innovative Third Party Quality Assurance Services.

  • Qubole - Self-service platform for Big Data analytics built on Amazon.

  • Questetra BPM Suite - Web-based business process platform for routine workflows.

  • QuestionPro - Online survey software to create surveys and questionnaires.

  • Quandora - Question and answer based knowledge management solution.

  • Rackspace - Managed cloud computing services.

  • ReadCube - Tool for web, desktop, and mobile reference management.

  • RealtimeBoard - Whiteboard Collaboration tool for organizations to collaborate beyond formats, tools, locations and time zones.

  • Receptive - Tool to gather feedback from customers, teams, and the market at one place.

  • Remedyforce - IT service management and help desk system.

  • Retrace - Application performance management tool that provides bug tracking, data aggregation and automatic alerts.

  • Robin - Workplace experience tools to schedule conference meeting rooms and desk bookings.

  • Rollbar - Real-time error alerting and debugging tools for developers.

  • Really Simple Systems - Cloud-based CRM software for small businesses to manage their sales and marketing.

  • Reamaze - Customer support software to support, engage, and convert customers with chat, social, SMS, FAQ, and email on a single platform.

  • Resource Guru - Resource management software to schedule people, equipment and other resources.

  • Retrace - Application performance management to integrate code profiling, error tracking, application logs, and metrics.

  • Roadmunk - Product roadmap software and roadmap tool to create product roadmaps.

  • Runscope - Tool to create, manage and execute functional API tests and monitors.

  • Salesforce – CRM tool to manage customer contact information, integrate social media, and facilitate real-time customer collaboration.

  • Salsify - Product experience management (PXM) platform.

  • Samanage - Tool for IT service management.

  • Samepage - Collaboration software to manage online projects.

  • screencast-o-matic – Tool to screencast and edit video.

  • ScreenSteps –Tools to create visual documents centered on screen captures.

  • SendSafely – Encryption platform for secure exchange of files and emails.

  • Sentry - Open-source error tracking software.

  • ServiceDesk Plus - Tool for IT service desk.

  • ServiceNow - Cloud platform to create digital workflows.

  • SharePoint – Collaborative platform used for document management and storage.

  • Shufflrr - Presentation management tool to create, update, share, and broadcast presentations.

  • Sigma Computing – Analytics tool to explore, analyze, and visualize data.

  • Signavio – A business process modelling tool.

  • Skeddly - Tool to automate AWS resources.

  • Skills Base - Talent management tool to track and document employee’s performance and skills.

  • Skyprep - Learning management system (LMS) to train customers and employees.

  • Slack - Collaboration tool to communicate and share information.

  • Slemma - Data analysis tool to create data reports from multiple data sets.

  • - Interaction tool for meetings, events, and conferences.

  • SmartDraw - Diagram tool used to make flowcharts, organization charts, mind maps, project charts, and other business visuals.

  • SmarterU - Learning management system (LMS) to train customers and employees.

  • Smartsheet - Collaboration tool to assign tasks, track project process, manage calendars, and share documents.

  • SparkPost - Email delivery service.

  • Spoke - Service desk tool to file service tickets.

  • Spotinst - SaaS optimization platform that helps companies purchase and manage cloud infrastructure capacity.

  • SproutVideo - Platform to host business videos.

  • Stackify - Troubleshooting tool that provides support with a suite of tools including Prefix and Retrace.

  • StatusCast - Hosted status page to keep your employees and customers aware about downtime and website maintenance.

  • StatusDashboard - Communications platform for hosting status dashboards and broadcasting incident notifications to customers.

  • Status Hero - Tool for tracking status updates and daily goals from your team.

  • Statushub - Platform to host the service status page.

  • Statuspage - Tool to communicate status and incidents.

  • SugarCRM - CRM tool for sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting.

  • Sumologic - Data analytics software to provide log management and analytics services.

  • Supermood - HR platform to gather employee’s feedback in real-time.

  • Syncplicity - Tool to share and synchronize files.

  • Tableau - Tool to create interactive data visualization.

  • TalentLMS - Learning management system (LMS) to facilitate online seminars, courses, and other training programs.

  • Tallie – Tool to capture and upload receipts, generate expense reports, and customize expense details.

  • Targetprocess - Agile project management software to Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and so on.

  • Teamphoria - Software to provide real-time employee engagement metrics, employee reviews, and recognition.

  • - Tool that provides data to identify, investigate, and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your IT environment.

  • Testable - Tool to create behavioral experiments and surveys.

  • TestingBot - Tool to provide various browser versions for live and automated testing.

  • TestFairy - Mobile testing platform, to provide companies with video recordings, logs, and crash reports of mobile sessions.

  • TextExpander - Communication tool to insert snippets of text from a repository of emails, and other content, as you type.

  • TextMagic - Messaging service to connect with customers.

  • ThousandEyes - Tool to monitor network infrastructure, troubleshoot application delivery, and map internet performance.

  • Thycotic Secret server - Account management software tool to manage passwords.

  • TimeLive – Tool to provide timesheets and track time.

  • Tinfoil Security - Security solution software to check for vulnerabilities.

  • Trisotech - Tool that allows customers to discover, model, analyze their digital enterprise.

  • Trumba - Tool to publish online, interactive, calendars of events.

  • TwentyThree - Video marketing platform to integrate and add videos to the marketing stack.

  • Ubersmith - Business management software for usage-based billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure management, and help desk ticketing solutions.

  • Unifi - Communication and collaboration software with voice, web collaboration, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • UPTRENDS – Website monitoring solution to track website uptime and performance.

  • UserEcho - Community forum tool that helps businesses manage customer feedback.

  • UserVoice - Product feedback management software to enable businesses to make data-driven product decisions.

  • VALIMAIL - Email authentication software to authenticate legitimate emails and block phishing attacks.

  • Velpic - Learning management system (LMS) designed to streamline workplace training.

  • VictorOps - Incident management software to provide DevOps observability, collaboration, and real-time alerting.

  • Vidizmo - Enterprise live and on-demand video streaming software.

  • Visual Paradigm - Visual modeling and diagramming online platform for team collaboration.

  • Vtiger - CRM tool that enables sales, support, and marketing teams to organize and collaborate.

  • WaveMaker – Software for building and running custom apps.

  • Weekdone - Tool to create managers’ dashboard and team management service for companies.

  • Wepow - Tool to connect recruiters, job candidates, and employers through mobile and video interviewing solution.

  • When I Work - Tool for employee scheduling and time tracking.

  • WhosOnLocation – Tool to track the flow of people through sites and zones.

  • Workday - Tool for financial management, human resources, and planning.

  • Workpath - Tool to manage goals and performance of the organization.

  • Workplace - Collaboration tool by Facebook to help employees communicate through familiar interface.

  • Workstars - Platform for social and peer employee recognition programs.

  • Workteam - Tool to track employee time and attendance.

  • Wrike - Social project management and collaboration software.

  • XaitPorter - Document co-authoring software for bids and proposals and other business documents.

  • Ximble - Tool for employee scheduling and time tracking.

  • XMatters - Collaboration platform with an alerting software that integrates with other tools creating seamless process and effective communication.

  • Yodeck - Tool to manage screens remotely, through the web or mobile.

  • Zendesk - Software to request for customer service and to log support tickets.

  • Ziflow - Tool for creative production teams.

  • Zillable – Collaboration platform with communication capabilities.

  • Zingtree - A toolkit for creating interactive decision trees and troubleshooters.

  • Zivver - Tool that allows secure email and file transfer from your familiar email program.

  • Zoho - Business application suite.

  • Zoom - Communication and collaboration software with voice, web collaboration, and video conferencing capabilities.

  • Zuora - A subscription-based software that enables a company to launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business.