Citrix Hypervisor

Get started with Citrix Hypervisor Center

With Citrix Hypervisor Center, you can manage your Citrix Hypervisor environment and deploy, manage, and monitor virtual machines from your Windows desktop machine.

Starting Citrix Hypervisor Center

To start your Citrix Hypervisor Center session, do one of the following:

  • On the Start menu, choose: Start > All Programs > Citrix > Citrix Hypervisor Center
  • Double-click the Citrix Hypervisor Center desktop shortcut.

If you previously configured Citrix Hypervisor Center to restore your server connections on startup and set a main password, Citrix Hypervisor Center prompts you to enter this password before continuing. See Store Your Server Connection State to find out more about how to set your server reconnection preferences.

It is possible to run only one Citrix Hypervisor Center session per user.

Citrix Hypervisor Center basic tasks

Task Description
New Server icon Add a New Server Connecting to Citrix Hypervisor host servers and adding them to the list of managed resources in Citrix Hypervisor Center.
New Storage icon Create a Shared Storage Creating Citrix Hypervisor storage repositories (SR) to provide storage that can be shared between managed servers.
New Pool icon Create a New Pool Grouping managed servers together into a resource pool with shared storage using the New Pool wizard.
New VM icon Create a Virtual Machine Creating new virtual machines (VMs) with the New VM wizard.
Managing Users Configuring access control by adding Active Directory (AD) user accounts and assigning different levels of access through the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature.

For information on system requirements for Citrix Hypervisor and Citrix Hypervisor Center, see the system requirements.

Exiting Citrix Hypervisor Center

To exit the current Citrix Hypervisor Center session, on the File menu, select Exit.

Any servers and VMs that are running when you exit Citrix Hypervisor Center continue to run after the Citrix Hypervisor Center window closes.

If there are any Citrix Hypervisor Center tasks in progress, Citrix Hypervisor Center warns you when you try to exit. You can choose to exit anyway, in which case unfinished tasks might not complete successfully. Alternatively, you can wait until the unfinished tasks have completed.

Get started with Citrix Hypervisor Center