Citrix Hypervisor

About Citrix Hypervisor Licensing

Citrix Hypervisor requires a License Server to run with a Premium Edition or Standard Edition license. For more information, see Citrix Hypervisor Licensing.

After purchasing support for Citrix Hypervisor you are provided with the .LIC license access code. Install this license access code on either:

  • a Windows server running the Citrix License Server software
  • a Linux-based Citrix License Server virtual appliance

For information about how to install and run Citrix Licensing, see Citrix Product Documentation.

Manage Citrix Hypervisor Licenses

All hosts in a pool must be licensed. You can manage your Citrix Hypervisor license using the License Manager dialog box in Citrix Hypervisor Center. The License Manager allows you to:

  • Assign Citrix Hypervisor license to managed servers. When you assign a license, Citrix Hypervisor contacts the Citrix License Server and requests the specified type of license. If a license is available, it is then checked out from the License Server.
  • Release Citrix Hypervisor licenses. When you release a license, Citrix Hypervisor contacts the Citrix License Server and checks the license back in.


Citrix Hypervisor requires Citrix License Server v11.14 or higher. You can download the License Server from Citrix Licensing.

To discover the license status of servers and pools

To see the license type of a server or pool, select that server or pool in the tree view. Citrix Hypervisor Center displays the license status in the title bar for that server or pool, after the server or pool name.

You can also go to the General tab of the server and find the license type in the License Details section.

Mixed pools of licensed and unlicensed hosts behave as if all hosts were unlicensed. In the tree view Citrix Hypervisor Center displays unlicensed pools with a warning triangle icon.

To assign a Citrix Hypervisor license

  1. From the Tools menu, select License Manager.
  2. Select one or more hosts or pools that you want to assign a license and then select Assign License.
  3. In the Apply License dialog box, select the license you want to request from the License Server. For more information about various Citrix Hypervisor licenses, see Licensing Overview.
  4. Enter the License Server details and then click OK.


    By default, the License Server uses port 27000 for communication with Citrix products. If you changed the default port on the License Server, enter the appropriate number in the Port number box. For more information about changing port numbers due to conflicts, see the licensing topics on the Citrix Product Documentation website.

Citrix Hypervisor Center contacts the specified Citrix License Server and requests a license for the specified servers. If successful, a license is checked out and the information displayed in the Citrix Hypervisor Center License Manager is updated.

To release a Citrix Hypervisor license

  1. On the Tools menu, select License Manager.
  2. Select the servers or pools and then select Release License.
About Citrix Hypervisor Licensing