Link state propagation

The Link state propagation (LSP) feature allows network administrators to keep the link state of a bypass pair synchronized allowing attached devices on the other side of the link to view when links are inactive. When one port of a bypass pair becomes inactive, the coupled link is de-activated administratively. If your network architecture includes a parallel failover network, this forces traffic to transition to that network. Once the disrupted link is restored, its corresponding link automatically becomes active.

To configure link state propagation:

  1. Navigate to Configuration Editor > Sites > [Site Name] > Interface Groups.

  2. Expand Virtual Interfaces and under Bridge Pairs, click the LSP checkbox to enable Link State Propagation for a Bridge Pair. Click Apply to save the settings.

    localized image

To monitor link statistics:

  1. In the Monitor > Statistics page, choose Ethernet from the Show drop-down menu to view the status of the bypass port pair with Link State Propagation enabled. Observe that the LAN side link is down and later the WAN side link of the bypass pair is administratively DISABLED.

    localized image

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Appliance Settings > Network Adapters > Ethernet tab. The ports that are administratively down are indicated by a red asterisk (*) in the Ethernet Interface Settings list.

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