Device management information

When you use this app, your organization may have access to the following details:

  • Device model, serial number, and operating system
  • List of apps delivered by Secure Hub, with their name, version, and status

How does your organization use these details?

The device details are required to enable your organization to provide you with secure access to Secure Hub and the mobile apps it delivers.

Your organization may be able to protect your information if you report your device is lost or stolen. You can do so by one of the following methods:

  • Wiping the device, or Secure Hub and the apps it delivers
  • Detecting the location of a lost or stolen device

Contact your organization’s IT administrator for more information about how your organization may use this information.

This application does not enable access to features outside Secure Hub, such as:

  • Call and web history
  • Personal Email and Text Messages
  • Personal Contacts and calendar
  • Photos and Videos
  • VoiceMail

Device management information