Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

WebSockets policy settings

The WebSockets section contains policy settings for accessing virtual desktops and hosted applications using the Citrix Workspace app for HTML5. The WebSockets feature increases security and reduces overhead by conducting two-way communication between browser-based applications and servers. The feature does so without opening multiple HTTP connections.

WebSockets connections

This setting allows or prohibits WebSockets connections.

By default, WebSocket connections are prohibited.

WebSockets port number

This setting identifies the port for incoming WebSocket connections.

By default, the value is 8008.

WebSockets trusted origin server list

This setting provides a comma-separated list of trusted origin servers, usually the Citrix Workspace app for Web, expressed as URLs. The server accepts only WebSockets connections originating from one of these addresses.

By default, the wildcard * is used to trust all Citrix Workspace app for Web URLs.

If you choose to type an address in the list, use this syntax:

<protocol>://<Fully qualified domain name of host>:[port]

The protocol must be HTTP or HTTPS. If the port is not specified, port 80 is used for HTTP and port 443 is used for HTTPS.

The wildcard * can be used within the URL, except as part of an IP address (10.105..).

WebSockets policy settings