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Citrix Web App Firewall service

Citrix Web App Firewall service protects customer’s web applications and infrastructure from cyber security attacks. It has historical retention capabilities for easy operation and incident analysis.

Note: Citrix Web App Firewall service supports only HTTPS traffic.

Features and Benefits

Citrix Web App Firewall service offers the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Security: It provides protection against web application attacks using signatures, blacklisted, whitelisted URLs/applications, and IP Reputation and so on

  • Fast Deployment: Click & Protect– fewer than 5 clicks from first time login to protection. This service configuration is Application and Service centric.

  • Ease of Use: It is quick and easy to deploy, manage, and report using a simplified GUI.

  • Lower operational expenses: The service is managed by Citrix saving administrator and on premise equipment costs.

  • High Availability: All security profiles are kept up-to-date to prevent attacks.

Citrix Web App Firewall service

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