Employee Well-being

Deliver a workspace that integrates well-being into the way people like to work. There’s no doubt that employees can benefit from well-being tools that help them manage the stress and complexities of the workday. The challenge is getting those tools to employees without adding yet another item to their to-do list. Teams can use Citrix Workspace technology to improve the overall employee experience by delivering well-being tools and resources within an intelligent feed.


This solution is available through the Microapps service using our out-of-the-box template integrations with Citrix Podio. This can also act as a system of record across Citrix Workspace use cases, including employee well-being:

Employee Resources – Surface relevant content and FAQs to support employees with our FAQs microapp.

Good News – Increase employee morale by sharing positivity across your organization with our Broadcast microapps.

Well-being workflow

Citrix Podio integration template and microapps

Our Citrix Podio integration template provides these out-of-the-box microapps. Set up the Citrix Podio integration to get started. Manage subscribers for these microapps to enable the workflow:

Broadcast app – Customize and send a dynamic message to employees’ intelligent feeds.

  • Enable Broadcast microapp to view all published broadcasts.

  • Enable Create Broadcast microapp to create and publish new broadcasts.

  • Enable Manage Broadcast microapp for administrators to view and update all created broadcasts.

FAQs app – Compile a list of FAQS or table of information, communicated and expandable within employees’ intelligent feeds.

  • Enable FAQs microapp to list of commonly asked questions and answers and view details.

Check out the Employee Well-Being App Pack for more inspirational ideas.

Besides these Citrix well-being microapps, the Workspace experience is open for you to integrate your own well-being vendor and platform to surface as quick actions where work gets done. Applications can be customized to suit your organization’s needs and unique processes. Advanced workflow automation capabilities are available to trigger custom email updates, approvals, and intelligent workflows on top of the actions and feed cards in Workspace.

Video resource

Check out this video for a demo of how Citrix Workspace can be infused with the employee well-being use case via Citrix Podio:

Employee Well-being Demo

Employee Well-being