Federated Authentication Service 1909

Federated Authentication Service 1909 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

FAS administration console

The Federated Authentication Service (FAS) administration console has been enhanced and its interface has been refreshed. FAS product documentation has been updated accordingly. Functional improvements to the administration console include the ability to:

  • configure multiple CAs from within the console (previously this was PowerShell only),
  • reauthorize FAS with a new registration authority certificate from within the console (previously this was PowerShell only),
  • display the registration authority certificate FAS is configured with, and display a warning if the registration authority certificate has expired or is close to expiry,
  • contact CAs in-parallel (which improves responsiveness).

The built-in documentation which was previously installed with FAS has been removed. Refer to this online documentation instead.

FAS error correlation ID

Event log errors relating to FAS, logged on StoreFront or the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA), now include a correlation ID. You can use the ID to find the corresponding event on the FAS server (which may contain more detailed error information) to help troubleshooting.

Federated Authentication Service 1909