Fixed issues


For License Server VPX fixed issues, see Fixed issues.

Issues fixed in build 29000

  • The License Server version build 28000 does not support concurrent licensing when using XenApp 6.5 or earlier.

  • When you try to open the Citrix Licensing Manager, you might receive an error code 500 message. [LIC-1724]

Issues fixed in build 28000

  • The descriptions for the lmadmin event log messages might not be included in the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and XenApp and XenDesktop installation logs and the licensing log. [LIC-445]

  • After starting the Citrix Licensing Manager and entering credentials for authentication, the authentication might fail. [LIC-551]

  • If you click the Web Services for Licensing Port edit box in the Citrix Licensing Manager > Settings >Server Configuration screen but don’t change the port number, the Save button might become active. Also, this message might appear - This port is already in use. Type another port number between 1 and 65535. [LIC-560]

  • If you change the status of the Supplemental Grace Period in the Citrix Licensing Manager > Settings >Server Configuration screen, a message appears indicating that the change did not occur. [LIC-568]

  • udadmin -list or udadmin -export might not list all the user/device details. [LIC-739]

Fixed issues