What’s new


Citrix is working to improve the licensing experience in My Account on citrix.com. You can choose Manage Licenses to easily find, allocate, download, modify, return, hide, and unhide licenses. The legacy All Licensing Tools experience is still available for a limited time.

Citrix Licensing version 11.15 is Windows only and doesn’t support License Server VPX.

What’s new in the License Server build 27000

Dashboard to monitor your license activity:

We’ve added a dashboard to the Citrix Licensing Manager. The dashboard displays installed, in-use, expired and available licenses, and Customer Success Services dates.

Short code process to register with Citrix Cloud:

By using an 8-digit short code in the Citrix Licensing Manager, you can register the License Server to enable communication with Citrix Cloud.

Apache upgrade:

The Citrix Licensing Manager and the Citrix License Administration Console have been upgraded from Apache version 2.2 to Apache version 2.4.

What’s new in the License Server build 26000

Enhanced user/device license usage reporting:

More user/device license usage data is collected when you opt into data collection and Call Home. A list of users and a list of devices currently assigned licenses and their last use timestamp are collected. Enhanced license usage insights help you plan and purchase licenses based on usage data and history.

Force your data uploads to immediately confirm license usage:

By using Upload now in the Citrix Licensing Manager when you’ve enabled the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), you can upload usage data without waiting for the normal Citrix daily upload. Being able to upload data at any time helps you troubleshoot issues in a timely manner. The only restriction is that you wait five minutes between uploads. For more information, see Usage and statistics.

What’s new in the License Server build 25000

New product names:

If you’ve been a Citrix customer or partner for a while, you notice new names and editions in our products and documentation.

The new product and component names stem from the expanding Citrix portfolio and cloud strategy.

Implementing this transition in our products and their documentation is an ongoing process.

  • In-product content might still contain former names. For example, you might see instances of earlier names in console text, messages, and directory/file names.
  • It is possible that some items (such as commands and MSIs) might continue to retain their former names to prevent breaking existing customer scripts.
  • Related product documentation and other resources (such as videos and blog posts) that are linked from this product’s documentation might still contain former names.

Your patience during this transition is appreciated.


For more detail about our new names, see https://www.citrix.com/about/citrix-product-guide.

You can register your License Server with Citrix Cloud:

The License Server then collects and stores Call Home license usage information and regularly transmits that data to Citrix Cloud. For more information, see [Usage and statistics] (/en-us/licensing/current-release/citrix-licensing-manager/settings.html).

What’s new in the License Server build 24100

Display and change historical usage retention period: The Citrix Licensing Manager Historical Use screens displays and allows you to change the amount of time to retain historical usage data. For more information, see Historical usage.

Enhanced configuration of users and groups using the Citrix Licensing Manager:

The Citrix Licensing Manager Settings > Account screen lets you configure the user and group access to manage the License Server. The settings to manage users are no longer supported on the Licensing Management Console. For more information, see Settings.