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Citrix is working to improve the licensing experience in My Account on citrix.com. You can choose Manage Licenses to easily find, allocate, download, hide, and unhide licenses. The legacy All Licensing Tools experience is still available for a limited time.

What’s new in the License Server version 11.17.2 build 35000

A support bundle to troubleshoot License Server issues

A support bundle is a .zip file that contains information the Citrix Support team can use to troubleshoot and debug license server issues. You can use this file to initiate a Citrix support call or to provide documentation to Citrix or its agents for license compliance purposes. For more information, see Support Bundle.

OpenSSL version upgrade

OpenSSL version: 1.1.1i

What’s new in the License Server build 34000

Lmadmin.exe transitioned to Lmgrd.exe

In this release, the Citrix License Server’s existing user management lmadmin.exe is transitioned to Citrix owned user management lmgrd.exe for improved security and less 3rd party dependencies.

OpenSSL version upgrade

OpenSSL version: 1.1.1h

Libxml2 version upgrade

libxml2 version: 2.9.10

What’s new in the License Server build 33000

A new configuration option added to the Configure usage telemetry

  • With the new option under Configure usage telemetry you can choose not to send data or to send data in an unidentifiable format.

For more information, see Configure usage telemetry.

Apache version update

Apache version 2.4.46.

OpenSSL version upgrade

OpenSSL 1.1.1g

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