What’s new


Citrix is working to improve the licensing experience in My Account on citrix.com. You can choose Manage Licenses to easily find, allocate, download, modify, return, hide, and unhide licenses. The legacy All Licensing Tools experience is still available for a limited time.

Citrix Licensing version 11.16.3 is Windows only and doesn’t support License Server VPX.

What’s new in the License Server build 29000

Apache version upgrade:

The Citrix Licensing Manager is upgraded to Apache version 2.4.41.

Citrix Cloud registration enhancement:

When you register your License Server with Citrix Cloud, the customer display name appears instead of the customer ID. This enhancement makes it easier to ensure you’ve registered the correct account.

Citrix Cloud registration removal enhancement:

You can now remove your Citrix Cloud registration with one step in the Citrix Licensing Manager Settings > Usage and Statistics screen.

Immediate upload to Citrix Cloud after registering:

The license usage information displays in Citrix Cloud immediatly after registering the License Server in Citrix Cloud.

jQuery version update:

The Citrix Licensing Manager is upgraded to jQuery version 3.4.1.

What’s new in the License Server build 28000

Apache upgrade:

The Citrix Licensing Manager and the Citrix License Administration Console have been upgraded to Apache version 2.4.39.

Fixed issues:

This release of the License Server fixes several previously reported issues. For more information, see Fixed issues.