Citrix License Server Event data elements

Field Description Example
tenant_id The Customer ID received during the registration. citrix780933
dvc (unique GUID generated by LS) A unique identifier created during install and preserved during upgrades. This field is used to identify which uploads are from the same server. a5ae17c9-8a4a-4318-938f-a8c6da2aa2ef
type Type of event. LicenseServer.Inventory
prod Type of product. License Server
id Information about the server machine and operating system that the License Server is installed on. E824249098A96BF0
st Timestamp of the event. 2021-08-27T04:22:56.745631Z
ver Version of the payload. 1
prodVer Version of the License Server. build 35000
$schema Schema for the event Header.
FQDN License Server machine and domain name. This value is sent to help identify License Servers in the reporting experience. Used to pair a License Server calling home to a license allocation record in the back office. CITRIX-12T5MRV4
DateSampleStartUTC Start time of the sample being collected. 2016-11-08T01:08:13Z
DateSampleStopUTC End time of the sample being collected. 2016-11-09T00:55:56Z
SADate This field represents the CSS date for which the supplemental grace period was triggered. 2019.1201
PEM The tag of the feature. CEHV_ENT_CCS
Notice NOTICE field from the license file. This is populated with Company Name. Citrix Systems Inc
FriendlyName Friendly name of license XenDesktop Enterprise User/Device
CountInstalled The number of licenses installed. 1203
CountOverdraft Number of licenses used above the installed quantity. 0
CountUsedMax The maximum number of licenses used. 3
DateExpiration Most recent expiration date that impacts the license count in the pool. 12/1/2020.
DateIssued The date that the license file was issued. The date issued of the license file that expires first. 1-Dec-03
DateStart Date from which licenses are valid on. 31-Dec-2014
Serial This information allows Citrix to identify who the product is entitled to. OR10:13
VendorStr Representation of licensing information that informs products of what edition and mode that they must operate in. <![CDATA[;LT=Retail;GP=2;PSL=10;CL=ENT,ADV,STD,AST;SA=1;ODP=0]]>
Citrix License Server Event data elements

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