Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU2

The following issues have been fixed since Linux Virtual Delivery Agent 2203 LTSR CU1:

  • Attempts to log off from a desktop session by logging off from a Desktop Viewer might result in a gray screen that remains forever. The issue occurs when the AutoFS service is enabled for the NFS storage folders. [CVADHELP-19384]

  • Attempts to open a published application using Linux VDA might fail if the default shell is set to /bin/csh. [CVADHELP-20140]

  • Linux Target devices might fail to start with an error message indicating an attempt to read or write outside the disk. [CVADHELP-20560]

  • Users might get an Invalid login message when Federated Authentication Service (FAS) is in use. [CVADHELP-20715]

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU2

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