Client Input Method Editor (IME)


Double-byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters must be typed through an IME. Type such characters with any IME that is compatible with Citrix Workspace app on the client side, such as the Windows native CJK IME.


This feature is installed automatically when you install the Linux VDA.


Open a XenDesktop or XenApp session as per usual.

Change your input method as required on the client side to start using the Client IME.

Known issues

  • Double-clicking a cell in a Google spreadsheet is a must before you can use the client IME feature to type characters in the cell.
  • The Client IME is not automatically disabled in Password fields.
  • The IME user interface does not follow the cursor in the input area.
  • Client IME is not supported in a SUSE 11 distribution.
Client Input Method Editor (IME)