To troubleshoot issues that occur when your apps are running in a Citrix Endpoint Management environment, you must first determine whether the issue occurs when your app is unwrapped or wrapped. If the issue occurs when your app is unwrapped, it is specific to your app. Follow your usual troubleshooting procedures.

If the issue occurs when your app is wrapped

  • Review the known issues. See Known issues for the MDX App SDK and Known issues.

  • Verify that the version of the MDX App SDK you are using is from the same MDX Toolkit your are using to wrap the app. For iOS, make sure that the correct line is added to your project. This will ensure the framework has been added and the APIs will work. For Android, make sure that the libs for all the devices you are using have been added to the project and the worxsdk.aar is added to the project dependencies. If you experience additional problems in integrating the SDK with your project, please contact Citrix Ready or Citrix Support.

  • Determine if the issue is an app wrapping error. Review the MDX Toolkit logs in Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/logs.

    The log files contain the information and progress from wrapping. Check these logs for error messages and warnings. For details, see Identifying iOS App Wrapping Errors and Identifying Android App Wrapping Errors.

    Collect logs from Secure Hub: In Secure Hub, tap Support, tap Need help?, and then tap your app name. Secure Mail then opens to a new message that has a log from the selected app attached. You can add more information about the problem in the message. Please list the steps needed to reproduce the issue and include the log from the failed wrap attempt, and any additional information about the issue.

    Other logs from the device might be useful. See Collecting System Logs on iOS Devices and Collecting App Logs from the Command Line.

If you are unable to install a wrapped app on a device

  • Verify that you are using a valid keystore for Android apps or a valid provisioning profile and certificate pair for iOS. Be aware of the special considerations for provisioning profiles and certificates in Wrapping iOS mobile apps.

If there is an issue with your Apple certificate key

  • Request to reissue the certificate from the the Apple Keychain Access app. This will generate a new private key. Then download the certificate and provisioning profile from the Apple developer website.