Known Issues

The following are known issues with the MDX Toolkit version 10.8.35.

  • When the Document Exchange policy is set to restricted, Secure Web stops working after trying to download a file. [CXM-48447]

MDX Toolkit version 10.8.5

There are no known issues in the MDX Toolkit 10.8.5 release for Android devices. For fixed issues, see Fixed issues.

MDX Toolkit version 10.7.20

  • When VPN mode is set to Secure Browse, configuring OAuth for Citrix Office365 might fail if the Cipher suite supported by backend server is not supported by NetScaler in the deployment. [CXM-41738]

  • On Android, the Secure Web Domains policy does not open URLs in the default web browser. [CXM-43021]

MDX Toolkit version 10.7

  • On iOS 11, users are able to move data from an MDX managed app to an unmanaged app using the drag and drop feature. [CXM-38106]
  • On iOS 11, when the Document Exchange policy is set to Restricted, unmanaged apps still appear in the open-in list. [CXM-38705]
  • On iOS 11, files from ShareFile opened in MDX wrapped applications appear corrupted. [CXM-38900]
  • On iOS, managed apps do not appear in the open in list on the first attempt in managed apps. [CXM-38897]
  • On iOS 10 and 11, selecting open in from MDX managed apps displays an error message. [CXM-38912]