Fixed issues

The following issues are fixed in the MDX Toolkit 18.12.0:

  • Third-party storage apps are unable to download files intermittently when wrapped with the MDX Toolkit. [CXM-58814]
  • Android apps developed in-house on the Xamarin platform perform slowly when wrapped with the MDX Toolkit. [CXM-58779]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.60

  • Secure Mail for iOS cannot save video files to ShareFile. [CXM-42238]
  • When a proxy auto-config file with dnsResolve defined is configured in Full Tunnel mode, browsing with Secure Web is noticeably slowly. [CXM-49567]
  • When wrapped with the MDX Toolkit, the Cisco Jabber app crashes on login. [CXM-51052]
  • Enterprise Apps may experience connectivity issues to internal resources when Preferred VPN mode is set to SecureBrowse. [CXM-52309]
  • Some third party apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit crash on startup. [CXM-52311]
  • Apps that specify or as their application class cannot connect to internal networks in the Secure Browse mode. [CXM-53126]
  • On Android devices, multiple certificates are being generated and certificates are being revoked before their expiration date. [CXM-53428]
  • On Android, Secure Mail crashes when users are signed out of Secure Hub. [CXM-53930]
  • On iOS devices, Secure Web and Secure Mail 10.8.45 crash on launch. [CXM-54089]
  • When users enroll a device running Secure Mail for Android with Intune company portal, Secure Mail stops working. [CXM-54178]
  • On Android, when opening a PDF in Quick Edit, an error displays, saying “Error initializing PDF renderer”. [CXM-54950]
  • When you wrap ShareFile 7.1 for Android with the MDX Toolkit, single sign-on (SSO) fails when users try to access content through ShareFile Connectors. [CXM-55030]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.35


  • On devices that use the WebView API, including Secure Web for Android, you are unable to attach images from a gallery although the MDX policy Block Gallery is set to OFF. [CXM-41475]
  • On Android, Secure Web is unable to open all internal/external sites. [CXM-47379]
  • On Android, in house apps wrapped with MDX toolkit 10.7.20 and later crash on launch. [CXM-47566]
  • Certain enterprise apps crash while starting and the following error message appears: “Unfortunately, the app has stopped.” [CXM-49901]


  • On iOS, MDX Toolkit 10.7.20 cannot wrap some iPad-only third-party apps. [CXM-44122]
  • On iOS, users are unable to paste links from ShareFile into other MDX apps except Secure Mail. [CXM-44274]
  • On iOS, after wrapping the app SAP Fiori, the login page does not display. [CXM-45542]
  • When you configure the Export contacts MDX policy, in Secure Mail on iOS 10 devices, you cannot share contacts or sync with local contacts. Instead, a Contact Export failed message appears. [CXM-44613]
  • On iOS, third-party apps crash when calling CFSocketConnectToAddress in unrestricted mode. [CXM-46592]
  • Secure Web for iOS crashes while browsing certain websites in the Secure Browse mode if your network is tunneled. [CXM-47989]
  • For third-party iOS Cordova apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit version 10.7.20, after you enable the Obscure screen contents policy, a black screen appears on iOS devices instead of a PIN screen. [CXM-48471]
  • Once you upgrade to iOS 11.3, when the “Paste” and “Cut and Copy” policies are set to restricted, you are able to perform the paste operation in unmanaged apps. [CXM-50427]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.5


  • On Android, when the BLOCK_DNS_FROM_UNMANAGED_APPS_IN_FULL_VPN policy is set and an MDX application requests a full tunnel VPN while a VPN is already running, network failure occurs. Users need to log off then log on to resolve the issue. [CXM-42853]
  • After the micro VPN connection on Android devices is established: When users restart the device, micro VPN fails to start. [CXM-43919]
  • On devices running Android, some apps do not work if connections are tunneled to the internal network. [CXM-44735]
  • An error occurs when trying to wrap an .apk file with the MDX Service and wrapping fails. [CXM-47060]


  • With encryption disabled, you cannot perform a copy and paste in XenMobile Apps on devices running iOS. [CXM-43920]
  • On iOS, after upgrading XenMobile Apps to 10.7.30, if Log Level is set to 11 or higher, Secure Mail is extremely slow and crashes if left open. [CXM-46721]