Fixed issues

Fixed issue in MDX Toolkit 19.11.6

On Samsung Galaxy S10 devices running Android 10, the Clipboard policies, such as restrictions on cut, copy, paste functions, do not work with third-party apps that you wrap with the MDX Toolkit. [CXM-74863]

Fixed issues in MDX Toolkit 19.11.5

  • On devices running Android, WebViews created before the Web SSO tunnel is established do not have their traffic routed.[CXM-68445]
  • On devices running Android, Citrix QuickEdit can crash when opening a file from another MDX app. The following error message appears: Starting the secure network connection. [CXM-70454]
  • In MDX for Android, when you try opening wrapped apps that contain only ARMEABI native libraries, the following error appears: This device does not support encryption features required by the application. [CXM-72227]
  • On devices running Android, some apps crash on Samsung devices when the Tunneled - Web SSO policy is enabled. This issue is due to a missing deprecated Apache library. [CXM-72586]
  • On devices running iOS, a blank screen appears when you launch an in-house app. [CXM-73168]
  • On devices running Android, when you try to open the wrapped Vocera Collaboration Suite app, the app displays a blank screen. [CXM-73715]
  • On devices running iOS, some enterprise apps may crash when wrapped with MDX Toolkit version 19.9.0. [CXM-73924]
  • On devices running Android, the UTV app fails to load. [CXM-74190]

Fixed issues in earlier versions

Fixed issues in MDX Toolkit 19.9.5

  • When the Inbound document exchange MDX policy is set to Restricted in Citrix Endpoint Management, the following issue occurs: On iPhones running iOS 13, after users download a file from Secure Web, users cannot open the file in Secure Mail. Instead, the following error appears: Restricted by admin policy: Inbound document exchange is blocked for this app. [CXM-72365]

Fixed issues in MDX Toolkit 19.9.0

The following issues are fixed in the MDX Toolkit 19.9.0:

  • On devices running iOS, in-house apps wrapped with MDX can’t connect to internal networks. [CXM-70156]
  • On devices running Android, Citrix QuickEdit can crash when opening a file from another MDX app and the following error message appears: “Starting the secure network connection…” [CXM-70454]
  • On devices running Android, certain wrapped apps are unable to support network calls. [CXM-71069]
  • On Android devices, Secure Browse mode does not support a URLConnection that has passed a Proxy.DIRECT Object in its openConnection() call. [CXM-71333]

Fixed issues in MDX Toolkit 19.8.0

The following issues are fixed in the MDX Toolkit 19.8.0:

  • On devices running Android, certain wrapped apps are unable to support network calls. [CXM-68439]
  • In-house wrapped apps running on Android 9 may not be able to communicate with internal servers. [CXM-68607]
  • Android users whose devices are managed in Citrix Endpoint Management receive multiple user certificates from the certificate authority server. [CXM-69132]
  • On Android devices, if you uninstall an app when a Full VPN tunnel is established, the VPN connection is disconnected [CXM-70392]
  • You are unable to access MDX applications on some 64 bit Sony and Huawei devices, due to encryption errors. [CXM-70738]

Fixed issues in MDX Toolkit 19.6.5

The following issues are fixed in the MDX Toolkit 19.6.5:

  • On devices running iOS, third party apps may fail to launch when wrapped. [CXM-62402]
  • On devices running iOS, you are unable to attach files in Secure Mail with the Copy to Secure Mail option. When you try to attach files from WeChat, NETDiSK, or any other mailbox applications, the following error appears: Unable to attach file. [CXM-63441]
  • On setups running Citrix Endpoint Management integration with Microsoft Intune/EMS configured in WebSSO mode, you are unable to access your company network using Secure Mail for Android. [CXM-63568]
  • On Android devices, when attempting to share a web link through Secure Mail, the web link does not get populated in the body of the email. [CXM-63650]
  • On iOS devices, you are unable to upload image files onto websites using devices iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 12.9 inches. [CXM-65343]
  • On devices running Android, single sign-on fails when the Enable encryption policy is set to Off. [CXM-66659]
  • On devices running iOS, you are able to connect to Wi-Fi networks outside of the allowed Wi-Fi networks defined in the Allowed Wi-Fi networks MDX policy. This issue allows you to open Secure Mail and Secure Web for iOS through networks that are not listed in the MDX policy. [CXM-66730]
  • On Android devices, when you log on to ShareFile, you cannot route connections via the Tunnel Network Access. When you try to log on, Chrome 74 settings do not work. [CXM-66758]
  • On iOS devices, when you deploy the in-house app Atlas, the app crashes when you open the app and provide your credentials. [CXM-66805]
  • On Android devices running Secure Web, users cannot access Internet or intranet sites after a Full VPN connection is established. [CXM-66940]
  • On Android devices running in Secure Browse mode, MDX requests new Citrix Gateway certificates because the end point has unexpectedly ended the current connection. [CXM-67086]
  • On devices running Android 9 and later, for apps wrapped with MDX, you get the following error: Detected problems with API compatibility (visit for more info). [CXM-67204]

MDX Toolkit 19.3.5

  • In the MDX Toolkit for iOS, build failures occur during wrapping if you are running a version of Xcode that is earlier than Xcode 10.x. [CXM-59394]
  • In wrapped Android applications, the UserAgent string gets appended multiple times, causing the header size to increase. This behavior results in an error and the page fails to load. [CXM-59869]
  • You cannot launch Apache Cordova app for iOS in the background when wrapped with the MDX Toolkit 18.12.0. [CXM-61255]

MDX Toolkit 18.12.0

  • Third-party storage apps are unable to download files intermittently when wrapped with the MDX Toolkit. [CXM-58814]
  • Android apps developed in-house on the Xamarin platform perform slowly when wrapped with the MDX Toolkit. [CXM-58779]

MDX Toolkit 10.8.60

  • Secure Mail for iOS cannot save video files to ShareFile. [CXM-42238]
  • When a proxy auto-config file with dnsResolve defined is configured in Full Tunnel mode, browsing with Secure Web is noticeably slowly. [CXM-49567]
  • When wrapped with the MDX Toolkit, the Cisco Jabber app crashes on login. [CXM-51052]
  • Enterprise Apps may experience connectivity issues to internal resources when Preferred VPN mode is set to SecureBrowse. [CXM-52309]
  • Some third party apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit crash on startup. [CXM-52311]
  • Apps that specify or as their application class cannot connect to internal networks in the Secure Browse mode. [CXM-53126]
  • On Android devices, multiple certificates are being generated and certificates are being revoked before their expiration date. [CXM-53428]
  • On Android, Secure Mail crashes when users are signed out of Secure Hub. [CXM-53930]
  • On iOS devices, Secure Web and Secure Mail 10.8.45 crash on launch. [CXM-54089]
  • When users enroll a device running Secure Mail for Android with Intune company portal, Secure Mail stops working. [CXM-54178]
  • On Android, when opening a PDF in Quick Edit, an error displays, saying “Error initializing PDF renderer”. [CXM-54950]
  • When you wrap ShareFile 7.1 for Android with the MDX Toolkit, single sign-on (SSO) fails when users try to access content through ShareFile Connectors. [CXM-55030]

MDX Toolkit 10.8.35


  • On devices that use the WebView API, including Secure Web for Android, you are unable to attach images from a gallery although the MDX policy Block Gallery is set to OFF. [CXM-41475]
  • On Android, Secure Web is unable to open all internal/external sites. [CXM-47379]
  • On Android, in-house apps wrapped with MDX Toolkit 10.7.20 and later crash on launch. [CXM-47566]
  • Certain enterprise apps crash while starting and the following error message appears: “Unfortunately, the app has stopped.” [CXM-49901]


  • On iOS, MDX Toolkit 10.7.20 cannot wrap some iPad-only third-party apps. [CXM-44122]
  • On iOS, users are unable to paste links from ShareFile into other MDX apps except Secure Mail. [CXM-44274]
  • On iOS, after wrapping the app SAP Fiori, the login page does not display. [CXM-45542]
  • When you configure the Export contacts MDX policy, in Secure Mail on iOS 10 devices, you cannot share contacts or sync with local contacts. Instead, a Contact Export failed message appears. [CXM-44613]
  • On iOS, third-party apps crash when calling CFSocketConnectToAddress in unrestricted mode. [CXM-46592]
  • Secure Web for iOS crashes while browsing certain websites in the Secure Browse mode if your network is tunneled. [CXM-47989]
  • For third-party iOS Cordova apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit version 10.7.20, after you enable the Obscure screen contents policy, a black screen appears on iOS devices instead of a PIN screen. [CXM-48471]
  • Once you upgrade to iOS 11.3, when the “Paste” and “Cut and Copy” policies are restricted, you are able to perform the paste operation in unmanaged apps. [CXM-50427]

MDX Toolkit 10.8.5


  • On Android, when the BLOCK_DNS_FROM_UNMANAGED_APPS_IN_FULL_VPN policy is set and an MDX application requests a full tunnel VPN while a VPN is already running, network failure occurs. Users need to log off then log on to resolve the issue. [CXM-42853]
  • After the micro VPN connection on Android devices is established: When users restart the device, micro VPN fails to start. [CXM-43919]
  • On devices running Android, some apps do not work if connections are tunneled to the internal network. [CXM-44735]
  • An error occurs when trying to wrap an .apk file with the MDX Service and wrapping fails. [CXM-47060]


  • With encryption disabled, you cannot perform a copy and paste in XenMobile Apps on devices running iOS. [CXM-43920]
  • On iOS, after upgrading XenMobile Apps to 10.7.30, if Log Level is set to 11 or higher, Secure Mail is extremely slow and crashes if left open. [CXM-46721]