Installing the MDX Toolkit

Follow these procedures to install the MDX Toolkit and XenMobile App SDK for iOS and Android.

Perform the following steps on a computer running macOS. The installer includes the following tools:

  • macOS tools that wrap both iOS and Android apps.
  • A Java command-line tool that wraps Android apps. You can also run this tool on a Windows computer.


Remove the previous version of the MDX Toolkit before installing the new version. Backup Android_settings.txt before uninstalling the toolkit.

  1. Go to the Citrix Endpoint Management (and Citrix XenMobile Server) page and sign in.

  2. Expand Citrix Endpoint Management Productivity Apps and MDX Toolkit.

  3. Click MAM SDKs and Toolkit.

  4. Locate the MDX Toolkit version you want to install and then click its link to begin the download.

  5. Open MDXToolkit.mpkg with the macOS Finder tool on the more recent versions of macOS and Xcode. For version requirements, see System Requirements.

    The default installation path is /Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit.

    Image of default installation path

  6. If you want to run the Java command-line tool on a Windows computer, copy ManagedApp.jar and ManagedAppUtility.jar to a directory on a Windows computer that meets the Android wrapping prerequisites. For details, see System Requirements.

  7. To use the GUI tool to wrap Android apps, you must update the path information in the android_settings.txt file that is installed in Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit. If you do not complete these steps, the GUI tool will indicate that the prerequisites cannot be located.


    When wrapping Android apps, the MDX Toolkit might fail unless the locale of the computer on which you run the MDX Toolkit is English.

    1. Copy android_settings.txt to a folder that you can write to.

    2. Edit the android_settings.txt file with any text editor. To use Vim, you can use the following command. Enter your user password when prompted. The file opens in your terminal window.

      sudo vim /Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit/android_settings.txt

    3. Update the file with the path to the JDK and the Android SDK binaries in your environment.

      Add the following to the end of the “PATH =” line in your settings.txt file (separated by “:” on Mac/Unix, and “;” on Windows):

      PATH = /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin/sbin:/<Install Location> /adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20130729/sdk:/<Install Location>/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20130729/sdk/tools:<Install Location>/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20130729/sdk/platform-tools:Documents/Android SDK/apktools

    4. Save the updated file to the same name, android_settings.txt, and then copy the file to Applications/Citrix/MDXToolkit.

      You might be prompted to enter a password to copy to that folder.

The installation package includes a small utility for removing the MDX Toolkit. The utility is installed in the following location on your computer: /Applications/Citrix/CGAppPrepTool/ Double-click the utility to start the uninstaller app and then follow the prompts. When you remove the tool, you receive a message prompting you for your user name and password.

Installing the MDX Toolkit

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