How to Configure Sites for Geomaps in NetScaler MAS

A NetScaler MAS site is a logical grouping of the NetScaler instances in a specific geographical location. You can monitor and manage several NetScaler instances within a site using the NetScaler MAS server. The NetScaler MAS server manages data such as syslog, appflow, and SNMP etc from the managed instances.

In addition to the server node, create a private IP block for your data center by specifying the lowest and highest IP addresses in a group of addresses assigned to instances at the site. Multiple private IP blocks can be associated with a site.

Before creating a site, create private IP blocks, so that NetScaler MAS can recognize which site an instance belongs to when it is added to the NetScaler MAS server. For example, if the instance’s IP address falls within the range of a private IP block associated with Site 1, the instance being added to NetScaler MAS is known to be located in Site 1.

To create a Private IP Block:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Sites > Private IP Blocks, and then click Add.

  2. In Create Private IP Blocks, specify the name of the IP block and the starting and ending IP addresses in the IP block. Then, specify the country, region, and city. You might have to specify the latitude and longitude of the city if it is not already saved in the geo database.

  3. Click Create to finish.

    localized image

To create a Site:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Sites, and then click Add.

  2. In Create Site page, specify the name of the site.

  3. Click on Add IP Block to select one or more private IP blocks from the list of available IP blocks to associate with the site.

  4. Click Create.

    localized image

    For more information on adding NetScaler instances to NetScaler MAS, see Adding an Instance to NetScaler MAS.

How to Configure Sites for Geomaps in NetScaler MAS