Product Documentation

General API Usage

Apr 01, 2015

A NetScaler appliance has multiple features, and each feature has multiple resources. Each NetScaler resource, depending on the operation to be performed on it, has a unique URL associated with it. URLs for configuration operations have the following format:


For example, to access the lbvserver named MyFirstLbVServer on a NetScaler with IP, the URL is:

This section explains, in general, the different types of operations that can be performed on the NetScaler appliance by using NITRO API.

Before going into the details of these operations, you must be aware of the following functionality:

  • You can use the "action" query parameter in the URL to perform operations such as save, enable, disable, and kill sessions.
  • You can use the "attrs", "filter", "args", "count" and other query parameters when retrieving NetScaler resources. For more information, see Retrieving Details of NetScaler Resources.
  • You can perform bulk operations and thus minimize network traffic. To perform a bulk operation, specify the required parameters in the same request payload. You can also control the behavior of a bulk operation in case of failure of some operations. To do this, in the request header, specify the appropriate value for the X-NITRO-ONERROR parameter. For more information, see Performing Bulk Operations.
  • NetScaler NITRO clearly shows the errors so that corrective actions can be taken. For more information, see Error Handling.