Profile Management

Fixed issues

Profile Management 2206 contains the following fixed issues compared with Profile Management 2203 LTSR:

  • Profiles in the replicated user store cannot be reset. [UPM-4111]

  • An error in CTXCDF might cause Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service (WMIPRVSE.exe) to stop and generate Event ID 5612 in the Windows Event Log. [CVADHELP-17425]

  • When you launch Edge Chromium on a published desktop with Profile Management enabled, duplicate profiles might be created after you log back on. The issue occurs because Profile Management fails to delete local profiles during logoff. [CVADHELP-19865]

  • Profile Management health status in the Workspace Environment Management console might display a faulty error message. [CVADHELP-20026]

  • The Citrix Profile Management service (UserProfileManager.exe) might exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-20080]

  • Logon data might not be captured in Session Details on the Monitor tab in Citrix Director. As a result, this data might not be available on Citrix Analytics for Performance, as well. [CVADHELP-20107]

Fixed issues