Profile Management

Profile Management and UE-V

Profile Management 5.x and Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) 2.0 can co-exist in the same environment. UE-V is useful when multiple profile versions are present (for example, Version 1 and Version 2 profiles). For this reason, do not use the cross-platform settings feature of Citrix Profile Management when UE-V is present. UE-V might be preferred over that feature because it supports more applications, synchronization during user sessions, and XML configuration and generation for applications.

When Profile Management co-exists with UE-V, no matter whether the cross-platform settings feature is enabled:

  • Exclude the AppData\Local\Microsoft\UEV folder. Profile settings captured by UE-V then overwrite profile settings captured by Profile Management.
  • Do not share profiles controlled by UE-V with those controlled by Profile Management alone. If you do, the “last write wins.” In other words, the last component to synchronize the profile (UE-V or Profile Management) determines which data is saved, which can lead to data loss.

Note: UE-V requires the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP).

Profile Management and UE-V