Citrix Analytics for Security

End user email settings

The end user email settings control the email template associated with the global action Request End User Response. You apply this action to get a response from the users for any unusual activity detected in their account. The users respond through the emails they receive from Citrix Analytics for Security.

You can use the email settings to:

  • Add an appropriate banner, header text, and footer text to attract the user’s attention and get their response. It also makes your email look more legitimate.

  • Add time duration (in minutes) within which the user must respond to your email. If the user does not respond within the response time, Citrix Analytics applies the specified action to the user.

Modify email settings

To modify the email settings:

  1. On the top bar, click Settings > Alert Settings > End User Email Settings.

    Email settings navigation

  2. Click Edit to upload or browse a banner image. When uploading an image file, ensure that the image meets the following requirements:

    • Supported formats: JPEG or PNG

    • Maximum dimensions: 400* 100 pixels

    • Maximum file size: 5 MB

  3. Enter your texts in the HEADER and the FOOTER fields. These fields are optional.

  4. Enter the time in the user response settings.

  5. Preview the email and click Save Changes.

    Email settings

End user email settings