Share Links dashboard

The Share Links dashboard is the launching point into share event analysis and threat prevention. This dashboard provides visibility into the share link’s patterns across an organization. Using this data, you can proactively monitor, detect, and flag behavior that fall outside the security norm. By default, this dashboard displays the list of share link profiles for the last one month.

Use the following sections to learn how to interact with the data on the Share Links dashboard.

Share Links dashboard

  • All Share Links. The complete list of share link URLs that were created. Select All Share Links below the Share Link Profiles pane to view the list of all the share links.

  • Risky Share Links. Share links that have presented risky behavior. List of risky share links and their risk indicator instances. Select Risky Share Links below the Share Link Profiles pane to view the list of all the risky share links and the risk indicators.

You can view the following information on the share links dashboard:

  • Share URL. The share link URL. Select a share link to view the corresponding data and risk timeline. The share link might or might not have triggered any risk indicator. If there are no risky events associated with the selected share link, you see the following message.

Share Links

For more information, see Share Link risk timeline.

  • Status. Indicates whether the share link is active or not.

  • Risk Indicator Count. Number of risk indicators triggered for a share link.

  • Recent Risk Indicator. The most recent risk indicator triggered for the share link.

    For more information, see Citrix Share Link risk indicators.

  • Time. Date and time when the share link was created.

Share Links dashboard