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What’s new in 2012

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

Support for deploying the Database on Azure SQL database services

You can now deploy the Session Recording Database on Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). On Azure SQL Managed Instance, you can deploy the Session Recording Database only by using the SessionRecordingAdministrationx64.msi package. On SQL Server on Azure VMs, you can deploy the Session Recording Database both by using the msi package and the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops installer. For more information, see Install, upgrade, and uninstall.

Support for blocking sensitive information

To protect sensitive information, you can skip certain periods when recording the screen. Sensitive information in the skipped periods is blocked during session playback. To use this feature, customize event logging through the Session Recording Event API (IUserApi COM interface). For more information, see Sensitive information blocking.

Image of content blocked prompt

Support for logging of clipboard activities

Session Recording can log copy operations of text, images, and files. For more information, see Event logging policies and Log events.

Enhanced email alert policies

Previously, email alerts were sent only when a session start is detected. This release enhances the feature to trigger email alerts when specified events that are logged according to the active event logging policy are detected. The system-defined email alert policy is Do not alert. You can create your own custom email alert policies. For more information, see Email alert policies.

Original Administrator Logging webpage no longer accessible from the Microsoft Windows Start menu

The original Administrator Logging webpage, http(s)://servername/SessionRecordingLoggingWebApplication/, is no longer accessible from the Microsoft Windows Start menu. When you start the Administrator Logging program from the Start menu on the Session Recording Server, you are now redirected to the Administrator Logging webpage integrated with the web player. You can also access the Administrator Logging webpage through http(s)://servername/WebPlayer/#/logging/config and http(s)://servername/WebPlayer/#/logging/record on other machines. The servername parameter is the name of the machine hosting your Session Recording Server.

Administrator logging integrated with the web player

Citrix Workspace app version check can be skipped

A check on the Citrix Workspace app version is conducted before the Session Recording Player plays back a recording file. If the Player does not support the version of the Citrix Workspace app that has the file recorded, an error is returned. Previously, you must edit the SsRecPlayer.exe.config file to eliminate the error. Starting with this release, an option is now provided for you to skip the Citrix Workspace app version check and eliminate the error.

Skip the Citrix Workspace app version check

Support for dropping H.264 packages to reduce recording file sizes

Session Recording can drop H.264 packages while recording sessions that have videos running and thus reduce the recording file sizes. To use this functionality, set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\SmartAuditor\Agent\DropH264Enabled to 1 on the Session Recording Agent and set the value of Use video codec for compression to For actively changing regions. For more information, see Why Session Recording scales well.

App monitoring enhancement

When you add a process to the App monitoring list, apps driven by the added process and its child processes are monitored. Starting with this release, child processes of a parent process that starts before Session Recording runs can also be captured. For more information, see Application starts and ends.

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