Session Recording

Enable fast seeking

Fast seeking allows to accelerate navigating ICA screen recordings during playback. It significantly improves the playback seeking experience.


Fast seeking is valid only for the sessions that are recorded after the feature is enabled in Session Recording Agent Properties.

Enable fast seeking

To enable fast seeking, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Player tab of Session Recording Agent Properties.

  2. Select Enable fast seeking and configure how often an I-Frame is generated.

    You can select a system-defined I-Frame interval or configure a custom I-Frame (in seconds, ranging from 10 to 1,800 seconds). By default, the system-defined I-Frame interval Medium (60 seconds) is selected.

    For a description of the system-defined I-Frame intervals, see the following table:

    System-defined I-Frame interval Description
    Low 300 seconds
    Medium 60 seconds
    High 30 seconds

    System-defined I-Frame intervals

  3. (Optional) If you also want to enable fast seeking for the Session Recording web player, navigate to Configuration > Preferences on the web player page and ensure that Enable fast seeking is selected.

    Enable fast seeking in the web player

Enable fast seeking