Session Recording

Place access restrictions on recordings

You place access restrictions on target recordings in addition to role-based access control through recording viewing policies. Restricted recordings are accessible only to users and user groups that are assigned the PrivilegedPlayer role through the Session Recording Authorization Console.


Placing access restrictions on live recordings is not supported.

The PrivilegedPlayer role

The following section walks you through the process of placing and removing access restrictions on target recordings.

  1. Log on to the machine where the Session Recording player is installed.
  2. From the Start menu, choose Session Recording Player.
  3. Select Search Results in the Workspace pane.
  4. In the Search Results area, select one or more target recordings.
  5. Right-click and select Place access restrictions.

    Users and user groups, assigned either the Player or the PrivilegedPlayer role, are allowed to place access restrictions on recordings. The Restricted menu is available only for users and user groups assigned the PrivilegedPlayer role.

    View for the PrivilegedPlayer role:

    Restricted menu available only for the PrivilegedPlayer role

    View for the Player role:

    Restricted menu available only for the PrivilegedPlayer role

  6. Click Yes.

    Restriction confirmation

  7. Verify that the selected recordings on which you placed access restrictions are moved from the Search Results area to the Restricted area.

    Restricted recordings

  8. In the Restricted area, remove access restrictions as needed. With access restrictions removed, recordings are moved back to the Search Results area.

    Remove access restrictions

Place access restrictions on recordings

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