Install, set up, upgrade, and uninstall

Task Detail
Plan your StoreFront deployment An overview of the components involved in a StoreFront deployment
User access options An overview of the ways users can access your stores
System Requirements Ensure that you have the pre-requisites to install StoreFront
Install StoreFront Install StoreFront onto a new server
Secure StoreFront with HTTPS Encrypt client access to StoreFront using HTTPS
Secure your StoreFront deployment Configure StoreFront for increased security
Create a new deployment Configure a new StoreFront server with a new store.
Join an existing server group Configure a new StoreFront server to join an existing Server Group.
Upgrade StoreFront Upgrade an StoreFront server running an older version
CEIP Opt in or out of the Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)
Citrix Analytics service Configure StoreFront to send data to the Citrix Analytics Service
Uninstall StoreFront Remove StoreFront from your server
Reset a server to factory defaults Clear all StoreFront settings so that it can be re-configured.
Install, set up, upgrade, and uninstall

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