App Protection

App Protection provides an extra level of security by blocking key logging and screen capture. For more information, see the App Protection documentation.

Workspace app

App Protection is available by default when accessing a store through Citrix Workspace apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

App Protection for hybrid launch

When accessing a store through a web browser, apps requiring App Protection are hidden by default. StoreFront can be configured to display protected apps when it detects the following minimum versions for the Citrix Workspace app:

App Version
Citrix Workspace app for Windows 1912
Citrix Workspace app for Mac 2001
Citrix Workspace app for Linux 2108

StoreFront does not display protected apps when using earlier versions of Workspace app, or on iOS, Android, ChromeOS, or when launching apps in the browser using Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.

To allow StoreFront to display protected apps on supported Workspace versions, use the PowerShell SDK cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverAppProtection.

If the user has chosen to launch workspace apps through a browser (either through admin configuration or because the user chose Use light version then App Protection is not available. You can configure the store to always launch using locally installed Citrix Workspace app, see Citrix Workspace app deployment.

StoreFront determines the Citrix Workspace app version Using Citrix Workspace Web Extension if it is available and configured (see Browser extension based client detection). Otherwise Storefront determines the Workspace app version as part of client detection the first time the user goes to the store website. If the user skips detection by choosing Already installed then StoreFront is unable to determine the app version so does not display protected applications. Therefore it is recommended that you disable the Already installed option, see Citrix Workspace app deployment.


If Citrix Workspace Web Extension is not available, StoreFront determines the Citrix Workspace app version the first time the user goes to the website. If the user subsequently installs a different version of Workspace app then StoreFront will not be aware of the change, so may incorrectly allow or disallow launching protected apps. Citrix recommends configuring App Protection Posture Check which blocks launching virtual apps and desktops from Citrix Workspace app versions that do not support App Protection.

App Protection