Create a website

When you create a store, a website is created for it automatically. You can add additional websites to existing stores. This allows you to provide different URLs with different configurations to your users. However multiple websites can only be accessed through a web browser as Citrix Workspace Apps are configured to use one specific website for a store, see Configure Workspace app website.


In multiple server deployments, use only one server at a time to make changes to the configuration of the server group. Ensure that the Citrix StoreFront management console is not running on any of the other servers in the deployment. Once complete, propagate your configuration changes to the server group so that the other servers in the deployment are updated.

  1. From the management console, select the store for which you want to create the website, and in the Actions pane, click Manage Receiver for Web Sites.

  2. Click Add then click Next.

    Screenshot of Add Receiver for Web site screen, Getting started tab

  3. Type the desired Web Site Path, choose if you want to this to be the default website for the base URL and click Next.

    Screenshot of Add Receiver for Web site screen, Site URL tab

  4. Tick or untick the desired authentication methods. Some methods are only available if they have been configured for the store. Press Next.

    Screenshot of Add Receiver for Web site screen, Authentication Methods tab

  5. When the site has been created, click Finish.

  6. Select the newly created site and press Edit to configure your web site as required, see Configure Websites.

Create a website using the PowerShell SDK

To create a website with the PowerShell SDK, call the Add-STFWebReceiverService cmdlet.

Create a website