Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed since version 1811:

  • Uninstalling StoreFront on Windows Server 2019 can result in the PowerShell console (Powershell.exe) no longer running on the server. The symptoms are that Powershell.exe opens briefly then vanishes immediately and cannot be used. Powershell_ISE.exe is unaffected and can still be used to run Powershell scripts. [STF-2585]

  • The StoreFront management console does not allow keywords ExcludeMe and IncludeMe to be set together. Either keyword can be set but as soon as you attempt to set the other, the first keyword is removed by the console. [STF-3388]

  • The StoreFront management console permits you to use the prohibited underscore character (_) in a Base URL. This makes stores inaccessible as DNS does not support the use of underscores. [STF-3509]

  • Receiver for Web becomes unusable if you use the StoreFront PowerShell SDK to set both Exclude and Include keywords for resource filtering. [STF-3208]

  • When a desktop contains an ampersand (&) character in its Display name, attempts to launch desktop sessions from Storefront fail with the warning “Cannot complete your request”. [STF-3369]

  • It is only possible to modify the order of Secure Ticket Authorities (STAs) in the StoreFront management console when the option “Load balance multiple STA servers” is selected. The logic should be reversed to allow STAs order to be modified only when “Load balance multiple STA servers” is not selected. [STF-3535]

  • When you upgrade StoreFront from 3.5 to a later version and Username and Password authentication is disabled on a store, unnecessary error messages containing “User name/password authentication is not enable in StoreFront” are written to the Event Viewer under “Delivery Services”. These error messages have no negative impact and stores using authentication methods other than Username and Password still allow users to log on successfully. [STF-3566]

  • When you configure a StoreFront with a base URL that contains an underscore (_) and use it with the Citrix Gateway, an error might occur. [LC9678]

  • After you upgrade StoreFront from Version 3.5 to Version 3.12, the following event log details might appear in the Event Viewer:

     User name/password authentication is not enabled in StoreFront.
     Citrix.DeliveryServicesClients.Authentication.Exceptions.ProtocolNotAvailableException, Citrix.DeliveryServicesClients.Authentication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null Invalid protocol exception. The requested protocol is: ExplicitForms Protocol: ExplicitForms at Citrix.Web.AuthControllers.Controllers.ExplicitAuthController.CreateExplicitAuthenticator()


  • When using the Safari 12 and later browsers, client detection might fail on Citrix Receiver for Web because the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) support was removed. For more information, see the Knowledge Center article CTX238286. [LD0863]


Fixed issues

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