Design Decisions

Any architectural design effort confronts decisions that need to be made to ensure that the expected outcome can be delivered to meet business objectives and success criteria for a Citrix Workspace deployment. Design Decision will help you guide through the decision process to configure, optimize, and deploy your solution in its best way.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Designing StoreFront and Gateway Integration - Learn about different integration decisions involved when integrating StoreFront with Citrix Gateway for secure remote access.

Designing StoreFront and Multi-Site Aggregation - Learn about different decisions involved when aggregating and de-duplicating applications and desktops from multiple sites.

Disaster Recovery Planning - Learn more about different decision factors and recommendations for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Provisioning Model for Image Management - Learn about the different decision factors involved in choosing the right provisioning model for image management. Learn more about Citrix Provisioning and Machine Creation Services solutions.

Single Server Scalability - Learn about the magic formula to calculate how many users you can have on a single server, what are the different variables that has impact on scalability and recommendations to improve it.


Evaluating Application Delivery Methods - Learn about the different decision factors involved in choosing the optimal application delivery method.

Design Decisions