Tech Insights

Short, 10–15 minute videos explaining a technology, a feature, a function with foundational technical insights and a visual walkthrough of the technology.

Access Control - Single sign-on, secure remote access, URL, and content inspection and filtering for SaaS and web applications.

Access Control for StoreFront - Integrate SaaS and web apps into an on-premises StoreFront deployment with features like single sign-on, secure remote access, URL, and content inspection and filtering.

App Layering - User Layers - User layers persist user profile settings, data, and user-installed applications in non-persistent VDI environments.

Authentication - Citrix Gateway - Utilize an on-premises Citrix Gateway as an identity provider for Citrix Workspace.

Authentication - TOTP - Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) provides multifactor authentication to the user’s Workspace experience.

Google Chrome OS Management - Manage Chrome OS devices with Citrix Endpoint Management.

HDX - Display and Adaptive Technologies - Technologies that ensure an unparalleled user experience when connecting to remote Citrix resources.

MDX Containers for iOS - Citrix Endpoint Management MDX containers protect mobile apps and control their access to device resources through policy mitigating the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

Microapps - Increase productivity by adding microapps to Citrix Workspace. Microapps allow users to view information and perform actions without launching the full application.

Micro VPN - On-demand, per-app VPN that gives access to a specific app back end resource without the risk of opening a full tunnel to your data center.

Performance Analytics - Gain visibility into your environment through user-centric experience scores, application & infrastructure performance scores with Performance Analytics.

SD-WAN - Optimize delivery of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops traffic with Citrix SD-WAN.

Site Aggregation - Hybrid deployment that allows your on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops environments to be part of Citrix Workspace.

Virtual Apps and Desktops Service - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service provides a fast, low-impact deployment option for on-premises/cloud-hosted, Windows/Linux, desktops/apps.

Workspace app - Personalized interface to provide access to all assigned SaaS apps, web apps, virtual Windows apps, virtual Linux apps, desktops, and data.

Tech Insights