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Issues changing Workload Balancing servers

May 03, 2013
Important: Workload Balancing (WLB) and its functionality has been removed from XenServer version 6.2 and higher. Applications, code, or usage that depend WLB will not function in XenServer version 6.2 and higher. See CTX137333 for details.

If you connect a resource pool to a different Workload Balancing virtual appliance without first disconnecting the pool from the original Workload Balancing appliance, both the old and new Workload Balancing appliances will monitor the pool.

To solve this problem, you can either shut down and delete the old Workload Balancing appliance or manually stop the Workload Balancing services (analysis, data collector and Web service) so that the appliance no longer monitors the pool.

Citrix does not recommend using the pool-initialize-wlb xe command to remove or change Workload Balancing server configuration.