About Citrix Hypervisor Licensing

Citrix Hypervisor requires a License Server to run with a Premium Edition or Standard Edition license. For information about how to install and run Citrix Licensing, see Citrix Product Documentation. To use Citrix Hypervisor Express Edition, you do not require a license or a License Server. For more information, see Citrix Hypervisor Licensing.

After purchasing support for Citrix Hypervisor you are provided with the .LIC license access code. Install this license access code on either:

  • a Windows server running the Citrix License Server software
  • a Linux-based Citrix License Server virtual appliance

Citrix Hypervisor Licensing depends on the version of the Citrix Hypervisor product you have installed on your server. For more information, see:

About Citrix Hypervisor Licensing

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