Managing Pools

Citrix Hypervisor pools allow you to view multiple servers and their connected shared storage as a single unified resource. Use this view to deploy VMs based on their resource needs and business priorities. A pool can contain up to 64 servers running the same version of Citrix Hypervisor software, at the same patch level, and with broadly compatible hardware. For more information, see Pool Requirements.

One server in the pool is designated as the pool master. The pool master provides a single point of contact for all servers in the pool, routing communication to other members of the pool as necessary.

If the pool master shuts down, the pool is unavailable until the master is back online or until you nominate another pool member as the new pool master. Every member of a resource pool contains all the information necessary to take over the role of master, if necessary. On an HA-enabled pool, a new pool master is automatically nominated if the master is shut down.

Managing Pools

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