Protecting VMs and vApps

Citrix Hypervisor offers a range of features to enable you to protect your VMs and vApps.

High Availability (HA)

Citrix Hypervisor High Availability (HA) provides protection against downtime of critical VMs caused by the failure of individual servers in a pool by guaranteeing that VMs are automatically restarted on an alternate server in the same pool, with minimal service interruption. The pool database is constantly replicated across all nodes and is also backed up to shared storage on the heartbeat SR for additional safety.

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

Citrix Hypervisor Disaster Recovery (DR) provides protection against the loss of multiple servers at your primary data site. With DR enabled, the pool database is constantly replicated via mirrored storage, and in the event of a disaster at your primary site, VMs and vApps can be recovered from the mirrored storage to a pool on a secondary (DR) site.

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Protecting VMs and vApps